Melbshuffle | 10/10

Melbshuffle is THE home of Melbourne Shuffle! Melbshuffle tells you what it is, how its done, what it looks like, what to wear, how to wear it, general discussion, videos, tutorials and general stuff.

Melbshuffle has an excellent Forum, well laid out, managed and represented. So, for anyone looking for answers to Melbourne Shuffle, then Melbshuffle is the place to head.

I will admit, this one got past us! I can only imagine that back when we were setting up, that Melbshuffle was either down or reactivating their excellent web site.

Melbshuffle also has a shop offering hoodies, tees and accessories (caps).

Jack [Jack_40k] and his mate William have created an excellent online resource and community for everyone to enjoy.

Well done guys!


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