phat pants + PHD hoodie

D got my melbourne shuffle clothes in, phat pants + PHD hoodie

How do you guys like it?

Almost everyone loves the phat, phat pants worn by shufflers, Melbourne Shuffle

Phat Pants on sale at Phat Pants Shop

14 Responses to “phat pants + PHD hoodie”

  1. Nice i like the phatts 😀

  2. pretty cool how much was it

  3. oi amo hardstyle

  4. Fully original…

  5. those pants are wicked i want a pair

  6. JohnJuno says:

    Very nice were do you find the hoddie?

  7. wat a tuat

  8. hi man i love ur clothes and the melbourne shuffle can u tell me who i find clothes like yours?

  9. Debszta says:

    AWESOME!!!!! wish I could see you shuffle in them!

  10. not tellin u says:

    do the melborne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. How much were your phats and where did you get them??

  12. Samurott667 says:

    Were can i get a pair please tell me

  13. laylakaay says:

    nice phatts! Where did you get them? 🙂

  14. I’ll buy ya hoodie for $200