So we've decided to host this year's Melbourne Cup Day shuffle meetup.
It's tradition and it's held on the Tuesday.

If you want to come but don't know exactly where to go, send me a message a few weeks before and I (Wayne Van Son) will meet you outside Flinders Street at a certain time 🙂

In the meantime, let's go have a capsicum for dessert while you keep on shufflin'!

Time: Tuesday, November 1st, 201 · 11:00am - 4:00pm
Location : Federation Square, Melbourne, Victoria

I hope to see you all there !
Lets bring back the under-age rave scene to Melbourne !

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5 Responses to “Melbourne Cup Day Shuffle Meet Up”

  1. Hi – I really want to learn how to do the Melbourne Shuffle – but have no dance experience. Do you know any dance schools in Melbourne to could help me with the basics.

    Also is this meet up a free public event and can anyone join in.

  2. HI like to see when the next comp is and a time to catch I loved shuffling for years and now I shuffle all the time and want to show people my talent. Is their any way of getting in contact.

  3. Hey im only a 11 year old girl who can dance perfect like the jerk and shuffle and is this happening in 2012??? peace 🙂

  4. paul murphy says:

    hey man are these held every year. none of my friends are into shuffleing and im pretty good at it, im always shuffleing at underage events but only about once a school term and id really like to show my skill to people willing to watch, so if its being held this year in 2012 sign me up and ill be there

  5. is this going to happen this year (2012)
    i want to come!!!!!!!!!!