this is not actually my second video agains coppercab, i only posted this on his dance video for more views xDD i WILL be making a second video against him soon though! this IS a re-upload! i wanted to change the second song. And of course, the songs are NOT owned by me in any way, so youtube, don't be mean and block it in any countries :((

25 Responses to “1 year of the melbourne shuffle dedication”

  1. JackJack2k says:

    @vijoQk raise your weapon - deadmau5
    disfrutar 🙂

  2. cual es el nombre de la primera música ?

  3. tubular829 says:

    must learn 🙂

  4. Nice sliding at 0:44

  5. JackJack2k says:

    @ThaMorot i’m making a tutorial soon, probably when school is over, so i have more time to do it

  6. RogueRobot5000 says:

    Siiiick! Glad to see there’s still real shufflers out there.
    The LA shuffle scene has gone down the shithole =/

  7. I found this responded to the ginger fucktard/troll.. He can srsly don’t dance, but here i can see the dedication. Rhytm (: Keep up the good work (; I’ve tried that shit, but i cannot get the grip how to o.o

  8. JackJack2k says:

    @BigMilan thanks dude! you are basiclly my shuffle teacher, so i really appreciate that :3 i’ve been thinking my shuffling has gotten worse so that gave me a confidence boost! 😀

  9. gamorasis116 says:

    make a how to shuffle video!!! 😀

  10. omfg greap spin at about 0:42

  11. batman4pres says:

    Your beast, also like that you actually use new songs 😀

  12. JackJack2k says:

    @gamorasis116 lol ok 😀

  13. gamorasis116 says:

    Make a how to shuffle video <3

  14. JackJack2k says:

    @gamorasis116 the first one is Raise your weapon – Deadmau5

  15. gamorasis116 says:

    wut song is this (the first one)

  16. VampireFreakKe says:

    Way better then CopperCab!

  17. JackJack2k says:

    @YouGayNerd oh god, you are right, you should come over so i can have epic sex with you. ill lube it up for you baby ;P

  18. YouGayNerd says:


  19. noice

  20. HypnoShufflez says:

    nice shuffling (=
    really enjoyed watching it


  21. @TEAMALUCARD lol alright, were you thinking more of a video battle? if you wanted to do that, just send me your video and i will edit it and put my video up with it and we can have it up on my channel or something 😀

  22. TEAMALUCARD says:

    Ight let me get back into it. Then we will talk.

  23. @TEAMALUCARD lol if you live in my area, and would be willing to meet me in a public place with friends around, sure xD but i battle for fun btw, so either way i shake your hand and tell you that you rock 🙂

  24. TEAMALUCARD says:

    I like to shuffle. Dont got videos. I need some ppl to practice with. Maybe we will meet up and battle.

  25. dude this shit looks SICK!