We've all had our ups and downs this year but all in all it's been a good one. So I think I nice piece of trance was fitting to end a good year.

11 Responses to “2011, A Good Year. [Melbourne Shuffle]”

  1. MagicBonesTV says:

    @keviolaf01 Haha I’ll keep that in mind ^^

  2. keviolaf01 says:

    dude dont use those headphones while you’re shuffling , bad things can happen , believe me 😉

  3. MagicBonesTV says:

    @TheVirtualUnreality Thanks bro :D

  4. TheVirtualUnreality says:

    @MagicBonesTV i hit the button! i blame it on youtube! Subbed now for sure 😀

  5. MagicBonesTV says:

    @TheVirtualUnreality Thanks man it’s appreciated, but you haven’t subbed yet xD

  6. MagicBonesTV says:

    @shufflebegginer Wow thanks bro 🙂

  7. TheVirtualUnreality says:

    Dude nice video, subbed and liked ^_^

  8. Nice ^^

    BI – MaYaa

  9. shufflebegginer says:

    Nice style man. Subbed 😀

  10. MagicBonesTV says:

    @TheMCAndre Thankyou bro, means a lot 🙂

  11. TheMCAndre says:

    wow ^^ nice song *_*
    nice shuffle ^__^
    like your style !