Finally made another full shuffling video with the guys. Filmed in Malmö - Sweden NBC - Nuclear Ballerina Crew Playlist: Intro - Freakhouze - My Brain Is Bigger Than Yours (Lazy Rich Remix) Pizzapappan - Aaren San - Apes From Space Dirtyloud [Remix] Kusin - Unknown Swerk - Keri Hilson - I Like Fishbone - Moussa Clarke vs The Police - She Wants Him (Bootleg)

Brazilian shuffle Championship in SANA 2011 ™

brazilian shufflers in sana festivel 2011 city : Fortaleza days : 16 17 and 18 July. shufflers in order HR - Soniik vs Takashi THI - Kamicaze vs SF - Orion BM - VicTToR vs Zero EHB - Kidd vs HDA - Moika DOPE - Mark and FHS - Larry DOPE - Beeerts and BM - VicTToR SF - Hassan and SF - Devo x Smak and EHB - Kidd Takashi and FS - Moika Black and SF - Okami DOPE - Mark and BM - Victtor x SF - Devo and EHB - Kidd Hope you enjoy guys ! subscribe for more videos.
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46 Responses to “2011 – Epic Shuffle in Sweden (HD)”

  1. Gilla om du kan se polis bilen

  2. Janusmannen says:

    En fråga…
    Han “kusinen”…..diggar han RedBull?!
    SNACKA om energiknippe! 🙂

  3. @phr1337 Men det står ju unknown 🙂

  4. @stoyvad titta description

  5. This is how Vikings Shuffle! They shuffle with feeling! ;D

  6. Left4DeadVids says:

    vad heter pizzapappan?

  7. ZhekonyaKim says:

    first song name?))))

  8. Kan nån vad kusin’s låt heter ? skulle vara fett gött att veta 🙂

  9. pizzzzzzzzzzzzzzapappan så goe!:)

  10. Fyfan ni vet hur man shufflar!

  11. auerproductions says:

    Swerk ser ut som min saknade brorsa 🙁

  12. FUCKTHEREST92 says:

    GJ. Malmö for the win. I live in this city and I luv it.

  13. Me gusta.

  14. johanssonkevin94 says:

    Pizzapappan Ger Den 😉

  15. pizzapappan says:

    pizzapappan levererar 🙂

  16. fuck polisen1-

  17. fy faan vad bra ni är :O, blev jävligt sugen på tt lära mig dansa så me :))

  18. Snacka om riktig cool shuffling ahh önskar jag va lika grym gött och se med hälsningar från Götet.

  19. BestDistanceKillcams says:

    Alla älskar PizzaPappan <3

  20. skiinkan says:

    i love the pizza man style!

  21. @D0mm31 NÄE 

  22. K33PL3R says:

    pizzapappan så galet på dans, någon överens?

  23. whit3eaglex says:

    That first part is soooo funny and awesome at the same time 😀
    love it!

  24. 1hiturnan124 says:

    00:38 is way too much like mikki.

  25. 1hiturnan124 says:

    @MrSHUFFLEftw It’s the style called MAS, If you didn’t already know. :/

  26. ReeceLopes says:


  27. guerywwe says:

    @EinerDer they are awesome u ediet

  28. EinerDer says:

    they suck all…

  29. Chingnight says:

    song 2:05 – Groove Coverage – Poison

  30. mlbrnshfl says:

    Is one one of the expectators wearing a shihakusho?

  31. Lockey157 says:

    Mark. The best. Fav shuffler.

  32. XxVash28 says:

    6:23 songname??

  33. MatheusPlayssonN says:


  34. @MrBartjeuhh Na I still think Takashi has the best style. Him at 0:35 was the best shuffling I saw in the whole video.

  35. MrSHUFFLEftw says:

    @Deathby6666 Yeah I really really dont like it. You dont have any controle.. 🙁

  36. victorodsxD says:

    100K <3 Thx for all

  37. Deathby6666 says:

    @MrSHUFFLEftw It is the failure shuffle, if you can’t actually shuffle

  38. p4nz3rfr05t says:

    this is how you put out a fire…

  39. zupinu2000 says:

    i stole their shoes

  40. crimsongarth says:

    sounds like the kids bop version on every song

  41. MrBartjeuhh says:

    @Epiiiiiiiiiiic 7:50 is far more cleaner and a newer style/method of shuffling! He’s the best xD

  42. OriginalPsychoBeat says:

    First song, wich rmx? 🙂

  43. infamy96797 says:

    anyone kno which remix of on the floor at 2:33

  44. SpartanLegend79 says:


    how do you “bookmark” like you did here?

  45. hardshuffler100 says:

    ve meu video ae (see my video)


  46. DRIZZYB0NE says:

    @JOCAR151298 its floorkilla by dj pavo n bultonium boy braw