(Audio sync is a little off)here it is 😀 final version oh, and if you dislike, please comment why (haters gonna hate lol) Songs (views required to unlock) GIVE A LIKE IF YOU FOUND THE SONG YOU ARE LOOKING FOR 😀 plz? ------------------------- 6: LCK - Internal External 7: Builder - Hardbeat Market 8: (1000000) 9: ASYS - Acid Nightmare 10: Technoboy - Into Deep (DJ Slideout Remix) 10: SMF - Hahaha 12: DJ Rawwk - One More Time! [Daft Punk Hardstyle Remix!] 18: Brian Eddie & Kidd Kaos - Devastating 19: Citizen - Members of Gay Day 20: Headhunterz - Psychedelic 21: Headhunterz vs. Wildstylez - Project One 22: Zatox & Activator - Get Drunk 23: www.youtube.com 2 years: Kidd Kaos - Music Is My Weapon (Shock:force Remix) 26: KarpeDM - I am Legend 28: Headhunterz - Muzikal Revolution 29: Marvin Medium - Marvin Medium (www.youtube.com 30: Skyplanet - Paralyzed Mind (Pilze's Drugged Up Remix) 32: Toneshifterz - Can't Fail 34: Waverider - Limitless 3 Years: Activator & Flarup - Tripping
Video Rating: 4 / 5

23 Responses to “3 Year Shuffle Timeline – Typhoon (USA)”

  1. xBRAILEZx says:

    i got ur phats 😀

  2. vladii809 says:

    Liked Subbed, and on the 3years part i saw you listened from SUPERTOOTH SPEAKER, i got the same one

  3. TheFAGSFTW says:

    This is fucking grreat!
    I hope my advancement is as good as this…..
    It’s a dramatic change from start to finish.
    Ive been Hardstyling for 5 months now.. Hopefully I’ll be as good as you! 😀

  4. sticmen343 says:

    Heatwave and they are all expensive unless you make your own

  5. XxENEMExX says:

    Might i ask where you got your PHD jacket i cant find any that are under like $100 bucks
    Nice Video and nice Shuffling btw 😀

  6. ckrispy14 says:

    I know but it looked really close i was getting ready for it :p

  7. sticmen343 says:

    No I didn’t? lol

  8. ckrispy14 says:

    the moment when he stubbs his toe on the garbage can at the end

  9. EllzBellz1209 says:

    Nice Swimming Pool. 😀

  10. jakubabu9 says:

    5:54 song? and it seems that it takes time to master shufflin O.O

  11. HeaDruid says:

    Chequen este video es de mi crew es de mexico “Mexican Hard Dance”



  12. 84941gilde says:

    thnx…btw i din’t find any song where i was searching for…you gave me something better:song ive never heard before but with nice melody srtaight from the beginning…keep on shuffling=D

  13. sticmen343 says:

    @84941gilde “blank male mask”

  14. 84941gilde says:

    where the hell do you buy those white masks?i cant find em anny where

  15. boneyboy999 says:

    nice, any tips on making the running man look more like 1 step instead of 2 or is that just something that comes along after you do it a lot

  16. cool,cool !!! 😀

  17. Skategunz says:

    o.o very nice man subb back subbed ?

  18. TotalBeats says:

    nice 😀

  19. sticmen343 says:


  20. TotalBeats says:

    nice do you always have a slippery floor?

  21. hiimjesus123 says:

    where’d you get your EHD sweatshirt? and very very nice btw. I’m not sure if you know and if you do I apologize, but when T-stepping pull with the foot that your not turning with and jump. It’ll send you flying across the ground.

  22. First year scary ass ghost eyes

  23. justuandme1812 says:

    8:07… omg the man in black ! he’s back ! ^^