19 July 2007 7 Sparkz @ College IACT open day

25 Responses to “7 Sparkz @ College IACT open day”

  1. ndrew89 says:

    Lamenting city by axel coon ??

  2. Lakshico says:

    watz the title of the song when they start doing sidekicks?

  3. vietguy4 says:


  4. fishzz928 says:

    nice waving, what kind of dancing was there beside shuffle and waving??

  5. wads the song at 4:15

  6. RenZhe88 says:

    cant see u’re layaning the bass..

  7. What the song played at the beginning?

  8. wowwa19 says:

    congrats! nice choreograph..
    n the best part is the robot thing’..
    keep doin da new style huh! salute =)

    wowwa HR

  9. cheezzzz says:

    7 sparks ftw! awesome choreography!

  10. BpRaver says:

    at 0:28 the guy on d left miss da spin..lol!

  11. a2nstyler says:

    rofl fat dude is funny to watch

  12. axkzmonkey says:

    3:20 - 3:57,best !

  13. nt all glowuz shuffler dance well. they only gud at choreograph..i can say d best dancer in their team is JV

  14. i know the titles!

    intro – self made(cannot be found)
    first song – Monkey Say Monkey Do by Ruff Ruff
    second song – For a Moment by Megara vs DJ Lee
    third song – Lamenting City by Axel Coon
    last song – Point Blank by Wid & Ben(not sure of the title so don’t mind me. xD)

    sound effects – the weird sound between monkey say monkey do and for a moment, no idea. F1 sound thingo, no idea. sorry can’t help fully. >,<

  15. heartzbrokenz says:

    nice…btw..can u tell me the song that u use in this video pls >.<

  16. keep on going guys! i see improvements everytime after a new performance!

  17. Yumika07 says:

    personal fav 7 sparkz is in the scene again man !!!

    good job guyz –

  18. stop it with the offences! this guys rawk! did u see how jay chou arm waved?! u guys are rating them by how they dance the melbourne shuffle. try rating overall performance. but i do have to agree that the melbourne shuffle doesn’t exactly look very good.. no offence ya.

  19. littlebytch says:

    yeah im…

  20. sillything89 says:

    littlebytch (22 hours ago) Marked as spam
    who r u refering to?

    im refering to littlebitch

  21. revunegirl says:

    omg.. cool!

  22. nakomic3 says:

    erm … u guys mistake spoil this show ~! lolz not pro at all

  23. aLfReDrockBABE says:

    all shuffling part off beat de >.< but overall ok

  24. littlebytch says:

    who r u refering to?

  25. sillything89 says:

    Hey, i like this video & song so much!Good job guys.Anyway are u 1 of the team member there?