READ BELOW BEFORE YOU POST A NEGATIVE COMMENT CLAIMING WE 'STOLE' ALL OF THESE MOVES / TRICKS. Right to clear things up: ~ Firstly we DID 'invent' MOST these tricks by ourselves. ie when we'd be dancing we spin round add kicks in etc, until we were satisfied with something we could call a new trick. ~ Secondly I am not trying to claim we weren't influenced by watching other people. As this would be practically impossible from watching many other people dancing. ~ Lastly this video is intended as a practical tool to help people who want to learn the tricks and in no way is it an attempt to steal other peoples ideas / tricks. So the idea is here that we'll show off a couple of our tricks (most of which we made up ourselves). If you liked this please subscribe and check out our other videos. Song: Dj Mortal Kombat - Thunder

23 Responses to “Advanced Melbourne Shuffle Dance Tricks Tutorial 1”

  1. tag104367 says:

    thanks helped alot

  2. BlackIceEthanol says:

    This is brilliant!! (:

  3. nice moovs i like :)……

  4. Smartypantshelper says:

    How to rate

  5. They should add NINJA KICK

  6. Robzf1234 says:

    aww yeah make it snow MAKE IT SNOW!

  7. whoneedsphats says:

    @Sage0Zion Press and hold the spacebar.

  8. Sage0Zion says:

    i want Slowmotion XD

  9. MinimalHellwach says:

    are the best shoes in the video, the dancing quite off the leash!

  10. WoW nice video us are amezing O_O!!!! *-*

  11. gytddyy564 says:

    Dj settler-project le or dj mortal kombat -thunder. Not even sure who the real creator is but its the same thing

  12. AchillesRocks4ever says:

    song name?

  13. nic’e vidéo i like it !! 😉

  14. ShanVLOGS says:


  15. Very amazing
    Can you teach me

  16. halomast799 says:

    amazing much : P

  17. charmznmimz says:

    i wanna do all this in heels kus as u kan see in my video i suck right now hahaha but i did it kus someone rekuested it

  18. what’s the name of this song?

  19. TGrZGaming says:

    its a good tutorial guys, but, the glide to spin is a combo not a ‘new trick’ many people, which includes myself, use that but for the rest, its pretty good n i havent seen it around, keep it up!!

  20. darkdanny117 says:

    1:57 bugs attacking the camera

  21. sullykiid96 says:

    Love de handmoves

  22. you guys go to fast thought 😕 cant really catch upp

  23. thee bestt (: