old video is old. if you stumble upon this vid, please watch my others, this one is lame lol.

25 Responses to “American Hardstyle Shuffle!!11111111 (old)”

  1. AnythingButHuman says:

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  2. tahineAU says:

    Australian shuffle is better

  3. ShufflerPartiRoka says:

    so am i man so am i

  4. imthegurkinturkin says:

    American shuffle sucks the cock!

  5. xXRayray64Xx says:

    Thank You bro i am tired of all of the Australians saying “ohhh we should be the only ones doing this, not Americans” shit i now a lot of people here in the US who are probably better then some in Australia

  6. fuck yeah they do mate! Born in melbourne, raised in melbourne, lol at all these international wanna be/s

  7. omega0078 says:

    The only thing where American excel is eating big mac.

  8. TheFaceMelterz says:

    i wish people over here still shuffle like this…. its all that gay electro crap now

  9. D34DM4U55KR1LL3XFTW says:

    who says americans cant shuffle they can be jst as good as austrailians there jst rnt as many americans tht shuffle thts it now plz jst shut the hell up about australia is where shuffling belongs shit!…and im frm australia!

  10. zombie19844891 says:

    Why does he says the smae shit? looks like the cd is bin scratched over the floor.

  11. MyLore96 says:

    sorry to say this but MELBOURNE SHUFFLE OWNS!!


  13. phats are not that necessary, sir 😉

  14. xXGhostChuyXx says:


  15. this style is too malaysian for my liking….

  16. Alienpelvis86 says:

    Netherlands hardstyle forever!

  17. guitarnem01 says:

    cuz we made it noob

  18. Ilove2skisantafe says:

    Beautiful foot placement in the first song. Old school. Love it! Looking at the new stuff….online…….those guys are lazy. You make it look effortless—they give no effort. Well done.

  19. 160589005 says:

    Does that mean that everybody who loves hardstyle has to move to Holland because it belongs there.

  20. sicko1994 says:

    lol shh now

  21. riveting tale, chap

  22. sicko1994 says:

    cool story bro

  23. no shit, more than a year old video lol

  24. sicko1994 says:

    not up meself but im better then him

  25. flowerJUMPower says:

    cool stuff.. name of intro song ?