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25 Responses to “ApEkWhuuT SoFTStyLe ShuFFLe”

  1. SpankytheTswana says:

    LOL, I use 2 think ur the camera man 4 HR OMGosh u gud, bigupsXP

  2. DivineShuffler says:

    lmao 2:10 is an awesome song nd the fastest dance ever xD

  3. 0815UserCantShuffle says:


  4. this isnt softstyle, its awesomestyle 😉

  5. /watch?v=EVAkrv4ylIg

  6. MyArthurking says:

    @igunot129i no he was masturbating xD and he said to be quit

  7. EstoyLigado says:

    @Bu4100 vc é mais mais vc?

  8. Did you see the beat you just missed, oh shit there goes another

  9. dariopachas says:

    IJR8L0XrQ50 look this =D

  10. HardstepTijuana says:


  11. so + mais eu

  12. QlimaXtreme says:

    if i’m not wrong
    1:Showtek – Raver
    2:Organ Donors vs Alex Kidd – Boot It Up

    that’s all i know

  13. loganchuck5 says:

    yea forreal bro hardstyle..

  14. totalelectrotipes says:

    thats hardstyle dude hahaha

  15. MayronMagerl says:

    Apekwhuut uses a Calvin Klein Jeans

  16. TheIwelkniwel says:

    nice shuffle. the other good effect is he doesn’t have to clean up the floor anymore 🙂 thumbs up

  17. Eternal23xP says:

    Song titles?

  18. shufflejavi says:

    how cn u tell hes moonboy ucnt even c him tht good

  19. TheSecondOne says:

    Id love to see him try and cook breakfast like that. LOL

  20. smart bro !

  21. o00house00o says:

    very good ^^!

  22. sharkyonaleash says:

    ok i think its time for u to clean the floor XD lol kidding great shuffle man

  23. apek i love your style, you’re very good but what are the songs that put you? especially the one at 2:10! by Recon a.k.a. FBI
    I’m Italian!!!!!!! ^_^
    Pure Hard Apek!!!!!!!!!! xD

  24. TheEinheit273 says:

    whats the name of the song at 1:13 ???

  25. Arnizzle17 says:

    Badass shuffling, check out mines, and my gf’s too! and try to comment and subscribe!