We headed down to melbourne to shuffle for INFEKTED nightclub with Bexta & Dexi We shot some awesome shuffle / rocking footage of us and the locals too, Featuring - Jarrad - Josh - Brenton - Grant - Ryan - Beno - Shaboogan - Hiltzy - Sarah - Carli - A few melbourne Locals www.ausrockingtour.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Aus Rocking Tour – Melbourne Shuffle Part 1”

  1. twicepast7 says:

    What’s the song at 0:40? I can’t remember ><

  2. dance to express, not to impress :D

  3. ApotheosisChris says:

    HAHAHA, u make me laught, they are both difrent parts of the world develuped from the origional shuffle/moonwalk kinda… but not from eachother…

  4. batman4pres says:

    @jonosio c walk with one leg and you are stomping and you listen to EDM, so basically not c walking

  5. batman4pres says:

    @jonosio c walk with on leg and you are stomping and you listen to EDM, so basically not c walking

  6. cb430sbro says:

    @jonosio no they are completely different

  7. SigniaMusic says:

    Nice! :)

  8. Baron1708 says:

    @Schmidy3737 cheers m8!

  9. Schmidy3737 says:

    @Baron1708 omen - prodigy

  10. Baron1708 says:

    Can sum1 tell me wat the name of the first track is?? (the one where their on the plane)

  11. mattypolly05 says:


  12. @jonosio not quite, but yeah pretty much. As I understand it shuffling is a developed variant of the c-walk.

  13. 007MASTERNEX says:

    soys los putos amos
    estilazo que teneis

  14. MSMCchile says:

    Nice work and dancing.

    Greetings from Chile.

  15. so shuffling = c walk

  16. @grayfox44 no1 said we were the best bro so fuk off with ya peace of shit comments.

  17. @grayfox44 ha ha nah… now that is an opinion i don’t agree with xD

  18. palmeiral111 says:

    very nice shuffle…..<3<3<3

  19. niiice !

    what a name of a final track ?

  20. savage video

  21. TheJeros1 says:

    Very aswsome^^

    I like your vids;=)

  22. bextamixology says:

    Nice one!!

  23. Rockylols says:

    @grayfox44 shut the fuck up mate. It’s not about whos the best and shit. fucking do it for the music.

  24. BanderianoX says:

    eXcellent :)

  25. bor3d2d3th says:

    niiice vid
    as Eniso said, pure awesomeness ;P