aXu in Mario Mode. Ownstyle & Electro Shuffle ;] thanks for my cameragirl ;*

24 Responses to “aXu – Mario Mode – Ownstyle & Electro Shuffle”

  1. MrDuds211 says:

    Song list plz?

  2. litavniex says:


  3. Ringknut says:

    I thought it was awsome 🙂

  4. Electro shuffle has slightly different form. It’s like saying Trance doesn’t exist, just Techno with different beats. It has a different feel to it. I’m trying to learn Electro Shuffle as of now and the mechanics are throwing me off because of the difference between the 2.

  5. primaggio1 says:

    lol dont do tektonik and melbourne shuffle togheter, its ridiculous =X

  6. lordvolcan6 says:

    sorry your good but… I SAW SOME TECHNOTICA IN THERE

  7. MrKevbcool says:


  8. OSEMillusion says:

    Looks like electro shuffle to me :b

  9. TheNzSouljah says:


    Electro shuffling like youve never seen it before

  10. reefer115 says:

    okii for the dumb kids above me this isn’t the melbourne shuffle at all its electro shuffle just like he says it is its a mix of the electronic dance (all about the arms) and shuffling not the melbourne shuffle that mainly consists of the running man as base what hes doing is the t step shuffling…

  11. Lukutiis says:

    First song name to PM please!
    Nice SHUFFLE !~

  12. Lukutiis says:

    Nice ;oo !~
    Jei gali pirmos dainos pavadinima atsiusk i pm : )
    Is anksto dekoju.

  13. TheBassBoyy says:

    nice shuffle guy i want to dance like you 😀

  14. Chronomatrix says:

    And I thought I’d heard all the stupid shit on youtube…

  15. irishjumpandhardstyl says:

    electro shuffle is the sydney shuffle……

  16. ssj4ejin says:

    name of first song?

  17. Faustirious818 says:

    dope i like it..
    hey bro check my shuffle style?

  18. sKaIchigo says:

    love his style ^^ one of my favourite dancers on youtube

  19. Last song is, Wings of Love by Tom Granello.

  20. DJScarredZephyr says:


  21. politaris says:

    Aaah first song, please? =D

  22. playboyy21 says:

    whats that first song? the mario 1

  23. FearUSKids94 says:

    beestyy!..ownstylee jumpinqq kills wayy moree tho…buhh meqaa propss..

  24. MrBoredPanda says:

    wow really amazing great job
    whats the first song