Testing out my new Canon 600D / T3i, the editing got a bit messy, but overall i liked it and the camera is amazing! would definatly suggest it to anyone who has the money! Songs List - Asys - Bassturbation Nodam Vs Log One - Relentless I do not own these songs nor did i create them.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

i love this song . its so hard 😮 sry for long time without video .. now im back 🙂 Cmnt , Like and subscribe me if you like my videos 🙂 Hardstyle Republic Bass Neurotic original clips: www.megaupload.com visit: www.GermanShuffle.de Tags: Melbourne Shuffle 2011 Nightfall NightfallCanShuffle Hard BassNeurotic Bass Neurotic Hardstyle Republic BN HR German shuffler Germany aggressive Hardtrance Hardstyle HT HS Josh Lang im back dance techno MAS AUS style "melbourne shuffle"

38 Responses to “Back to School Shuffle – Canon 600D Test”

  1. JPShuffleStudio says:

    Btw just so everyone knows, the tiny black bar on the right hand side is becuase of my editor and not the camera :p

  2. jacquesone100 says:

    keepon shufflin’ dude!

  3. GijsDesigns says:

    Very smooth style! Keep it up. &nd nice music 🙂

  4. Alkenphel says:

    good job dude. solid style. time will only make u better

  5. gileschee says:

    Sus my channel out! haven’t made any recent shuffling videos but there’s some in there!

  6. JPShuffleStudio says:

    @DarkSnickers87 I’m only starting to learn hat tricks, i’m just kinda mucking around with them at the moment though :p , and yeah i love my camera, i forgot to change my settings around but it still came out pretty good 🙂

  7. DarkSnickers87 says:

    very nice! love your rocker style & the way you doing your hat tricks…..
    but I think its nearly every time the same trick, so get some variation, turn your cap around while doing a spin or something like this….

    I get flashed by your first scene with the plant, very nice work with the focus of your cam!

    I’ve got the counterpart to your cam from canon, the nikon d5100, it was a hard decission between both cams and the nikon wins^^
    but now I see both of them are doing their work very well!

  8. SuperSickoz says:

    respect brah

  9. KingsleySHUFFLE says:

    mannn id love to see more of your vids!! :3 ahaha bro deffs subbeddddddddddddddddd

  10. JPShuffleStudio says:

    @ddooggeerr123 I forgot to film in the outdoor setting so its not even as good as at can get :p

  11. ddooggeerr123 says:

    in HD that is sick 🙂

  12. JPShuffleStudio says:


  13. Pure Style :]
    Kuddos to you


  14. Spotty1011 says:

    nightfall U R CLASS

  15. AudiLS23 says:

    do you want to featuring withme? XD i really admire your movement it was just sooooo cool man . pm me if you want 😉

  16. TheCloud143 says:


  17. NightfallCanShuffle says:

    why rm of bass neurotic ? its my shuffle and 2 step :D

  18. lcarnaiz says:

    RM of bass neurotic are 2 steps or 1?

  19. GiveMeThePaint says:

    subbed, u just became one of my top fav shufflers ^______^

  20. ESEPROKE says:

    sick ass style dude ^.^ love it 😀
    check out my updated one ; i’d appreciate it

  21. hey man you have to do tutorials you rock do it please
    😀 keep up

  22. 619noob619 says:

    good job

  23. segadomcast says:

    @zakerZful yeah, you can clearly see his toes. idk about speed, but I’ll take his word for it since I can’t disprove it and it looks legit

  24. idgasdawysama13x says:

    Freaking awesome:D subscribed^-^

  25. MT1snickers says:

    nice moves! i love the smoothness! great track too! like+fav+ subbed for more!

  26. psychopathicclowns13 says:

    i like ur ztyle of zhufflein 😀 rate u a ten … i wanna battle yew now.. y .. y not ?? but ur awzome

  27. Song name pls!:-)

  28. OMG this song very HARD!!!THIS IS VERY GOOD!!!

  29. MGDinoSan says:

    @NightfallCanShuffle feet + speed skills of MAS lol

  30. TutorialsGregor says:

    His fingers are grabbing the floor lol :D

  31. Great shuffle check me out

    Gizmo [FTS] U.S.A.

  32. hardshuffler100 says:

    see my video THX


    D.S.S / Darkness

  33. max1997723 says:

    Wie heist die musik

  34. thanx a lot bro n keep the flow on cheers

  35. NightfallCanShuffle says:

    watch closer 😉 i dont wear socks .. and it isnt speed up !

  36. zakerZful says:

    sock`s +100 to speed

  37. NightfallCanShuffle says:

    Josh Lang – White Thing ( Josh Lang Harder Mix )^^