Hey guys 🙂 This is my first video in 2012 🙂 , hope you enjoy it . Kinda Rusty because its so fkn cold outside 😀 brrr Crews: Bass Neurotic Hardstyle Republic Editing Software : Sony Vegas 9 + After Effects cs4 Camera : Canon 600D | EF-S 18-55mm IS II Song: Jim Justice - 1st Gear Tags: Melbourne Shuffle Nightfall NightfallCanShuffle Bass Neurotic BN HR Hardstyle Republic 2012 2k12 Hardtrance HT Rave Dance GermanShuffle GS Canon 600D EF-S 18-55mm Night test Camera Jim Justice 1st Gear
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Bass Neurotic | Nightfall – 1st Gear !”

  1. faris518 says:

    i Sub you b’coz i stunned watching this video at 0:11 o.o

  2. GanDiiiStyle says:

    Beautiful *o* 

  3. CrushNastyify says:

    sehr genial, mein abbo haste auf jedenfall (;

  4. vladii809 says:

    oh more over i already subbed and liked this video… 🙂

  5. vladii809 says:

    Heyy man,,,,, Your style reminds me about the outcome style i’m trying to get,,

    check my last video where i’m practicing it ( most of my videos are diffrent style and i’m trying to attain new faster style….. ) check me comment and sub if you like, 😀

  6. FYDskating says:

    I have to see you in 5th gear then!

  7. SchoTTenRocK88 says:

    geiles video!

    supa, schaut goat aus 😉

  8. Xortez3 says:

    Aong Name: Jim Justice - 1st Gear

  9. JhoySaan says:

    very nice bro…
    you is fuck bro
    his style is very impressive, enjoyable, and surprising, own you’re the guy!
    congratulations, keep it!
    – JS

  10. OzyKnowsHow says:

    love your style! keep it up man, you are awesome!:)

  11. FerkenProductions says:

    4 people are jealous of Nightfall’s epic style!:)

  12. Nexta100 says:

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwesome! ich liebe es :3

    POD// N3XT4

  13. BLGspark says:

    Hey man you’re great and btw where do you find musics like this one what genre is this ?

  14. NightfallCanShuffle says:

    War ja vorsichtig 😉 😀

  15. Jafferay says:

    Nach dem 5 mal Schauen, fällt mir auf, dass du zwischen den Bahngleisen tanzt.
    Du böser Bubb, Abzug in der B-Note. 😀

  16. aleehSD says:

    nice shots
    ALeeH is a EPIDEMIC || HD
    from BRAZIL

  17. NightfallCanShuffle says:

    🙂 hope you like it
    love this song ^^

  18. jimjustice13 says:

    tnx for shuffling to my song mate!

  19. TheDeetek says:

    Ush, I really like your shuffle style! 😀

  20. This is clean c:


  21. HardMover7 says:

    This is video places for transport – rail, bus stop, road
    – Radis

  22. BassKids1 says:

    Dammit nightfall why u so good >:O love ur style ;d


  23. Rimdaugas1989 says:

    nice shuffle man:) see my viva shuffle videos

  24. ShuffleOli says:

    kauf dir das nächste mal das lied und ziehs nicht von ForeverHardest =D

  25. TheSuzukiSam says:

    Niiiiceee maaaan o/
    HERO | THI - Acksy