Yeah guys ! 😀 this is my new video from our trip to düsseldorf with Dami , Elsgaard , Mehkay and Janosch. Thank you guys this was a "pretty awesome" day 😀 filmed by dami. this video is also dedicated for my near 2000 Subscribers ! 🙂 and Bass Neurotic + Hardstyle Republic thank you guys 🙂
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Bass Neurotic | Nightfall – Make The Girlies Wet !”

  1. KiWiFaNxD says:

    0:57 *o*

  2. damn bro, really liked this one!


  3. HardstyleWildFire says:


    Me shuffling!

  4. pr0phyz says:

    Is this only adobe after effects ? Wish I could edit like this ;(
    So AWESOME man !!!

  5. pr0phyz says:

    Your shuffle & edit… is sooo dope man.

  6. marco61333 says:

    Thank you!!

  7. danilosx2 says:

    Melbourne Shuffle compilation 2012 – /watch?v=eJI2SRIonyc

  8. misterosborn says:

    Alex Kidd vs Kidd Kaos – Tom’s Diner (In2ition remix)

  9. Filip ChannelHD says:

    Beast! Subbed :) sub back!

  10. FilleShuffle says:

    Love you style man! 🙂 Sub my channel i subbed 🙂

  11. 7seattlesfinest4 says:

    0:50 O.o dude the camera broke..
    HSL – (Disciple)

  12. marco61333 says:

    Name first song? Please

  13. Nice shuffle style man ‘-‘
    BM ; Teds

  14. shufflecompylation says:

    Our video fuck that. You dance very

    PK HDA – PJ.z

  15. tommy187ist says:

    mirko wieso heißt das nich mirko can shuffel?

  16. tuntunprify says:

    the now on shufflers could be more cooler if they put a song list XD im always asking cause that music is so epic 🙂

  17. greatasever says:

    Great video!!! what is the editor of video? greetings!

  18. KyleeShuffleUK says:

    my favourite shuffler ever!!<3

  19. sneysneysney says:


  20. ChinaVampirePr1nce says:

    Nice video, nice style.~
    I like u

  21. ShufflinClas says:

    in2ition remix 🙂

  22. thicvbr says:

    Holy fuck, this gotta be one of my all-time fav vids, mate.
    Very nice shuffling and editing. 🙂

  23. HardMover7 says:

    300 Likes .. We did it! 🙂

  24. gordykidd001 says:

    i dont care what u fuckers

    say nightfall is better

    T1M !! … NIGHTFALL 2012 FOR THE W1N

  25. freneticpresents says:

    Organ Donors – Make The Girlies Wet (Breeze Modulate Remix).