First of all Dedicated to my mate Lochlan. Been out for nearly 2 months now with a torn ligament so still trying to get my style back so dont hate. Dont forget to comment rate and subscribe for more

6 Responses to “BassAgressive TRYOUT 2012 | Creedz [Aus] [APPROVED]”

  1. sonamaster says:

    :O nice ncie
    Scorp FS BAg
    Sub back :)

  2. Carlos Eugenio says:

    nice nice bro
    By: Orochi.Pfilms

  3. TheACrydShuffler says:


  4. Excelent Style man 😀 see my video


  5. bre2r0cks says:

    Great to see something different at the start, amazing job as usual, and i really enjoyed the effects and transitions.. id love to edit one of your videos sometime 🙂 10/10

  6. IChoseANamee says:

    This is awesome bro(:

    Rainbow BM