BassMasters Practice.This video was delete but I caught this and I uplated at youtube one time. Shufflers: Rocky Reece Teddyt

25 Responses to “BassMasters Practice”

  1. iPood47 says:

    in the time before hsa…

  2. screwxbox7 says:

    teddy’s **

  3. Berndi1996 says:

    HSA practise —> same house? 😀 (rockys home?)

  4. Brayden691 says:

    I am so proud to be in Bassmasters, to actually be in the same crew as Rocky is just amazing ^.^
    Bassmasters – Torn
    check out my channel

  5. 988Darkar says:

    Rocky is so

  6. The firsts BM’s

  7. HardstepTijuana says:

    Reece shuffle style its hard But am Reece is just so Damn Hot and cute

  8. CloTandCross says:

    c-knckout hardstyle ^^

  9. AndreezDShuffle says:

    What’s Name The Song Rocky???

  10. AndreezDShuffle says:

    Bro! Como se llama la Cancion Que Baila Rocky?

  11. KizameKun says:

    I thought that most of them were in HSJ 😉

  12. Plesniorowy says:

    hardstyle mafia – x-spot marks

    or something like that

  13. Plesniorowy says:

    no fucking way sherlock

  14. keviolaf01 says:

    these were in HSA , but after the crew separate , reece rocky and TeddT decided to create a new crew , that now is the best crew of the world … BASSMASTERS 😉

  15. I’m the bass master

  16. KizameKun says:

    Ex-HSA Shufflers oO

  17. CptCreeps says:

    i thought they were in HSA not bassmasters

  18. ReEvilProductions says:

    First song: Hardstyle Mafia- X Marks the Spot

  19. djshuffler1029 says:

    wats the song in the beggining

  20. NamiMiiki says:

    ROCKY !
    IS THE KING ! ! !
    ma inspiration not that LMFAO SHIT ! !
    and peace 😀

  21. MrThebassmaster says:

    reece rocky and are one of the best shuffler I know is true teddyt also good but can not keep up with them

  22. djshuffler1029 says:

    Wat song is it in the beggining please someone tell me

  23. mickeyhardstyle1 says:

    wow <3 we have been around for a long time <3

  24. djshuffler1029 says:

    Reece is the best but so is rocky

  25. OMG
    nice video *-*
    BM ; Teds