First video of BN, presenting Panich from Russia! We hope you guys are liking the 'new' crew this year Thanks for watching the video, if you enjoyed, comment and thumbs up! Edited by LeandroDmv- Starring Panich- Peace!

Ganjaguru - Blacksweater

Video Rating: 4 / 5

47 Responses to “BASSNEUROTIC Panich- the virus inside you”

  1. NHShaynne says:

    i love this video so much, one of the best out of bassneurotic!!!

  2. ninogaspar says:

    what is song please…….¡

  3. Paranoyeaah says:

    I Can’t stop watching this video, Panich style is amazing. Thumbs up for awesome!

  4. xlqkaaaa says:


  5. TouchOfIvory says:

    I Cant Stop Watching This Video….. *.*
    Simply Amazing Sir!

    Greetz From USA :D

  6. MrLuvinMclovin says:

    he just does it with so much swag.

  7. !!! looove it !

    bk:thi prorock

  8. QMindHD says:



  9. PhoniqzProductions says:

    Best in Bass Neurotic
    amazing style
    and editing is sick

  10. Marky9512 says:

    very very nice man!

  11. nerd6917 says:

    ur a fkn beast gee -nErD TSD

  12. mazhe03 says:

    AWESOME!!!! like like like ;p

  13. ANDiiREW90 says:


  14. Chhaaiinnz says:

    my fxkn god! this fulla’s style is sick! fav in bass neurotics so far 🙂

  15. ShuffleWind1 says:

    cool :)

  16. leeehhds says:

    nope hahahah XD
    the whole video was made in Sony Vegas with exception of text’s and intros.

  17. italyboy2009 says:

    so fucking sick !!

  18. matasthe2k8 says:

    hes using after effects (:

  19. DaNi3LoOoShuffle says:

    i Liky wer do yhu learn d moves lyk dat fml 

  20. kev0black says:

    the same room of DLM/Joker !?!?!

    haha very nice dude
    epic style

  21. HardShuffler0Maly0 says:

    wow!!!! fav!

  22. NHShaynne says:

    @MrHardstyleMatt1 solid, i use after effects but i prefer sv, you cant hear audio in realtime on ae

  23. saskuashjumper says:

    thanx :)

  24. I did not find that this is Jay chow’s song before I see your comment lol

  25. Does anyone know if this is a legit Ganjaguru track? Doesn’t really seem like his sort of style.

    Great track nonetheless.

  26. amiXXfaithbreaker says:

    this got me hooked onto hard trance music from there.. i gain interest to become a mad shuffler… and here i am still pursuing that thought 🙂

    HOTB | THi | HR | amix plays the GAME

  27. bcrhiaadn1 says:

    idk wtf a sweater has to do with anything but im fucking rocking and cocking!!! 😀

  28. retardkingkong says:

    this is jay chow man!

  29. TheDeadComeBack2Life says:

    havnt heard this for years

  30. oiac150 says:

    nice:x:>cool:x:>replay BUT0:00N

  31. cycloneDJ1 says:

    Disco Time Babyyy !! yeahh

  32. fritzboxwlan2 says:


  33. AthrunApl says:

    hard trance is trance thats harder

  34. Sand0r2 says:

    It sound like hard dance!

  35. misskpop98 says:

    what is the song of jay chou ??

  36. iStocop says:

    There’s no such thing as hard trance. Trance is relaxing, dreamy, soft. If there were such thing as hard trance, it wouldn’t be trance at all.

  37. MegaHiddenNinja111 says:

    fk the piano bit sounds so good, my favorite part of the song. I just love the piano bit and plus with the small bass, it sounds so awesome!

  38. jordyd42 says:

    Beattraxx project well hardstyle mix(the ah ah ah song :P)

  39. TheToxicSharpie says:

    3 people don’t own a black sweater ):

  40. EBKmadeSR2 says:

    oh shit i think they had this 1 on saturday at monster massive wen CarlCox was onn 🙂 luv this shit

  41. TheRealChemich says:

    Now what Showtek makes is cheesy, what Ganjaguru makes is the shit.

  42. “Google” is one word.

  43. wooo420IsWicked says:

    google is 3 words

  44. qlimax297 says:

    thats why i FUCKING love ganjaguru <<<<<<3

  45. abyssmalfroz says:

    HOW DO I GET THIS MUSIC??? OMG Its so nice to hear jay chou song to turn into hardstyle songs

  46. What if chessy or not…

    People shuffling with this , dancing with this , getting hyped and have fun ….

    WE DONT CARE ABOUT CHESSINESS !! GOGO GANJA make people happy on dancefloors.

  47. Fraxxure says:

    😮 it is not cheesy