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25 Responses to “Beasting Eht |JayJay|”

  1. velocity003 says:

    DUDE your like the only guy shuffler ive seen on youtube that doesnt look like a retard shuffling
    clean tho

  2. xoxoxlidooMamass says:

    Song please ? >.<3 & hella Beast !

  3. arlenelove004 says:

    Your Gooood (:

  4. LovelyIvy18 says:

    OMGEE! Your So Cute <3
    Dayuum n beast bby 😉

  5. JsquareProductions says:

    Carolina Liar – Show Me What Im Looking For (Morgan Page Remix) Like ;D

  6. Mamahszful says:

    Beaaassssst <3

  7. mr7558owll1 says:

    whats that song called?

  8. DiamondzXOlMDMl says:

    chill lowkey malaysian tracks on my channel:D

  9. beast100solo says:

    Cleann Bro Keep Eht Upp<3

  10. 90ZBABY1992 says:

    OHEMGEEEEEE<3 Jayyy yur hekka beastt:) we all need improvement rite, no 1s perfect rite? all the suppport we need is from the people who actually care or respect wat we do becasue its wat we love, not for the the fame, beccasue people like @obeyyshadesz r the kind of love and support we need,. and im sayinnn ur really good. wen i improve i hope to be good like u:) i subbed hahah liked n comment, im n love with wat u dew<3 its amazing:)

    -Showtyme YRS GMH <3

  11. NuX422 says:

    nice but you need to loosen up a lil bit
    but you got the moves down

  12. acc1803 says:

    This iis dope

  13. ObeyyShadesz says:

    Ahhh damn Bro, Even though im over Shuffling… iStill like watching your Videos(:
    One of the best “Oc Shufflers” that aint cocky^_^ Dope.


  14. KrigarAbbe says:

    Love your style man, it’s very clean! How long have you been shuffling? 🙂

  15. AyeProgress says:

    Clean ;o !

  16. unreplasibleboo says:

    lol yuh would XD i give u promts thoe! 🙂

  17. Jskiess626 says:

    u kinda suck.

  18. SufficateMistakes says:

    Song ((: ?

  19. AmDatKid says:

    stop hating just cuz you cant dance like him lol

  20. AmDatKid says:

    Hey bro nice moves you got there! one of the best shufflers i seen ! you should make a tutorial on your moves , would greatly appreciate it 🙂

  21. XxStarxShooterxX says:

    Nice<3 #Swagg

  22. JayyJayy95 says:

    :No Thanks,ihave a girlfriend

  23. groovebtrfan says:

    damn u sexy

  24. hellokittylover5000 says:

    damnn Your sexy 😀

  25. hennessybabycakes says:

    dude bad ass shuffler