wayy to short but i had a lil fun for 30 seconds first in blkwht series if ur a dumbcunt it means BLACK AND WHITE Random Tags: hsk hsj crew hardstyle mafia k*n*g alphazone flashback headhunterz melbourne shuffle compilation 1 2 3 4 5 6 donkey rollers shufflin noise controllers bass...

Transmission 2009 - Final Party Ever - Sydney Shuffle

Transmission rockers. Want to dance like this? Free tutorial at wedancehard.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

49 Responses to “blkwht shuffle”

  1. mad shuffling mate. :) keep it up

    dark//(No crew atm :[ )

  2. good shuffling! Keep it up! :)

  3. EatingRamen247 says:

    mate your a good rocker, keep representing usa 🙂
    one of the smoothest i have seen thus far coming from america.

  4. REALITY713 says:


  5. damn!
    i love your shoes!
    your shuffling is so relax & clean.
    i like!
    keep on melbourne rocking!

  6. Good stuff will!

  7. hardstylaWil says:

    will do im planning on it for next vid

  8. watch?v=z1NawZfRYHg

    in a way it’s good, but add some more flare to it.

  9. hardstylaWil says:

    is tht good or bad

  10. your shuffling reminds me of the older shuffler matt.

  11. hardstylaWil says:


  12. hardstylaWil says:

    thank you ^^ i think it looks better when the arms arent going to crazy but for my footwork but other ppl look different and better with other thins

  13. i guess but they seem stiff…. but if thats your style thats cool too…lol

  14. hardstylaWil says:

    i do (the way i like?)

  15. you need to move those arms! lol

  16. nice job will keep it up

  17. InTheShuffle says:



  18. chicken1115 says:

    awesome 😀

  19. Alexusjunior says:


  20. WingZero616 says:

    hey nice short rockin =D hehe
    5*, keep up the nice shufflin!

    best regards,

  21. very nice!! i think i kinda seen ur style haha!,, keep it up man!

  22. ouweebrandon92 says:

    both man, seriously, keep this style just evolve more of it, thats all i can say, i love it !

  23. ur really good man I’ll try to convince arkangel to add u on tas

  24. hardstylaWil says:

    haha thx big compliment but i was going more for oscar

  25. ouweebrandon92 says:

    Nice!! man, much better and smoother.
    kinda reminds me of hiltzy o_o.

  26. @Hardstylez707 It’s not Elle or Tiff.. D:

  27. Darkfatez117 says:

    4:08 the Dj puts a Duck or a chicken on the record XD

  28. PukGeneration says:

    K*N*G – Braindance

  29. Hardstylez707 says:

    I’m not positive but at 2:49 that might be Elle shuffling saw a clip from PHD Rockers Part 1. I could be wrong.

  30. guys the girl at 2:49 is not the only person in this video who can shuffle <.< and why r so horny oo u'll never get her ;D so enjoy the video and dont only watch her part of this vid ._.

  31. chilledSounds says:

    @ChiggerLemon who is it then ? :O

  32. PunchAPeach says:

    @kelvincho86 Yep, that’s her!

  33. ChiggerLemon says:

    @chilledSounds That’s not tiff, ain’t Tiff’s style.

  34. azulcrema1O says:

    Anybody has more videos of the girl @2:49 dancing?

  35. chilledSounds says:

    @kelvincho86 should be tiff if im right 😉

  36. sadisticpsychofox says:

    @leaflettex ca you get me a link of just her shuffling? she has MAD skills!

  37. HardstepTijuana says:

    hey len whats the name of this video Damn so sexy to shuffle on the nigth in the hallways or in the street man i love this

  38. @HS2tha its great for battles. the bass never starts. no akward moments just standing there!

  39. kelvincho86 says:

    is that Jess? on 2:49-3:00 ?

  40. @skenntraxx No… Def not sarah.

  41. 3:43 those phats are clean!

  42. PunchAPeach says:

    @ThePublicToiletShow Go back to the earliest comments in this vid and you’ll see her leave a comment herself. plus, I believe she was kinda well known among Sydney’s shufflers.

  43. ThePublicToiletShow says:

    @leaflettex how do you know that her name is jess?

  44. ThePublicToiletShow says:

    @skenntraxx no it ist sarah

  45. 4:09-5:37 those guys get fckn down

  46. skenntraxx says:

    @eezzaw do u know who she is ?

  47. @skenntraxx  No.

  48. skenntraxx says:

    is that girl sarah 2:49

  49. beltofawetfish says:

    @InfinteShuffle use youtube to mp3 converter and you’ll have the song from the video without lookin for it