California's Best Shufflers [ Part 3 ]

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**I dedicate this video to EVERYONE, that's right, I'm talking about YOU too! lol ** I've been really lazy because of school and just the fact that I don't shuffle as much as I used to. But a proper vid was long overdue so here it is :] I recorded this after class and I was a bit tired, but I kept going until I just couldn't anymore x] The editing was rushed too but w/e. Hope you guys enjoy it . ^_^ STILL representing GMH, AOH, and HMR 😀 Track list (In order): Steve Hill vs Technikal - Impulz (World Series Mix) Neon Lights - Not Over Yet (D10 Vocal Mix) Luca Antolini - Powerfull (ACT 3) ADD ME:
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46 Responses to “California’s Best Shufflers [ Part 3 ]”

  1. netax100 says:

    its more jumpstyle then shuffle ^^
    i dont wanna say that its bad but the original shuffle god is sacco! xDDD

  2. Rizek77 says:

    can i get the song that kriz dances too plz!!!

  3. adrian52416 says:

    whats the first song+

  4. jamaurie1995 says:

    whats the song

  5. cimi laga says:

    glenda is eyes on fire love thieves remix

  6. AyoVeeVeahney0 says:

    what’s Glendena & Kris’s song ? 🙂

  7. USMCrecruit09 says:

    LoL the first guy had hella flickering… x)

  8. IfistZOMBIES says:

    you should put a song list.

  9. bluefuzzy says:

    title should be shufflers from cali, should drop the word best out of there.

    mediocre doest not equal best.

  10. StyleszOfficial says:

    Nvm , I Found It Lol :D

  11. StyleszOfficial says:

    Whats ” Vee’s ” Song ? (:
    Ill Trade ….

  12. rap3ingnoobs says:

    2:03!<3 Beasty as'f no lie!
    Post more of her vids!:D


  13. country522 says:

    What program are you using to edit the video ?

  14. CYBERDK1 says:


  15. anakarenchino1 says:

    Song in 11:07 !? ;c

  16. AddictedToShufflin1 says:

    whats tha first song :O

  17. 1509BELKINZEALOT says:

    mario is fuckin beast:)

  18. QuadKumsh0t says:

    has anyone ever broken their legs from doing this -_-

  19. XxlReCkLeSsXx says:

    CHEENA <3 ^_^

  20. if anyone please give me the names of the songs.. =D.. please <3

  21. malaysian shufflin for ya.

  22. swag2598 says:

    Eyes On Fire (Love Theives Remix)

  23. JuiceBox310 says:

    Thanks a lot! Expect a newer better video SOON!

  24. vihasohi420 says:

    dope, your one of the best out there!

  25. harddancelove says:

    shit goes hard

  26. JuiceBox310 says:

    Damn that sucks haha Is it better now? & I know right? Makes it that much better!

  27. TheKritter91 says:

    Same thing happened to me, was practicing an hour a day for my first 2 weeks picking moves up pretty fast, then at the shuffle meetup went for 3-4 hours and the next morning my right knee was GAWN!
    So tempting to RM to some beats, but just hampers my progress more, so I just slow T step until my knee’s better 🙂

    Also, there’s that spin again at 1:43 XD Damn got to learn me that move. I think it’s more impressive when you do a regular spin first to lead in to that signature spin

  28. Snazzy4ever says:

    sick shuffle style bro

  29. TyronsBox says:

    sickkk ass shuffling Fts | VEXED

  30. trinidad080 says:

    Still My Favorite Video Of You *-*
    I Think Im Ready To Be In GMH
    TIHP. AOH | Chrono

  31. jackyzred says:

    wow improve much?lol

  32. moxillator says:

    fckn BADASS dude nice moves really like it KEEP IT UP!!!

  33. JuiceBox310 says:

    Thank you lol

  34. SuperFuckinhot says:

    look at the fucking description, tart!

  35. MrKaniu47 says:

    it’s HardTrance songs.

  36. PIGLETSTER91 says:




  37. tsai123abc says:

    aaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy hit that melbourne!!!!

  38. Dazed1er says:

    Oh that shit is sick though. Keep it up with the hardstyling.

  39. JuiceBox310 says:

    No I don’t have a GMH hoodie, it’s most likely Infinite or Gotti.

  40. Dazed1er says:

    Are you the one that goes to Groove Thursdays? Ive seen someone with the GMH sweater.

  41. erlendnr says:

    Hardstyle is a sub genre of techno — I think… The songs juicebox uses are hardstyle.

  42. Aliciaboner says:

    wanna teach me how to shuffle? ;)

  43. joshbape100 says:

    toooo beast 🙂
    -josh [CSF]

  44. 1012Baseball says:

    310 whoop whoop lol

  45. nawwwOWNZ says:

    mate if u were in australia u wud kno the difference between going hardstyle and MAS shuffling look at my channel i did my 1 month old vid just a day i came out of a cast for my knee and thats hardstyle btw

  46. JuiceBox310 says:

    Yeah I picked it up fast but didn’t get good till about 6 months. Before I’d practice a lot, like if it was some type of work out. But that just led to a knee injury so don’t overdo it lol 15 minutes a day is good enough, and shuffling to slower music always helps to build stamina & skills xp