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25 Responses to “CAN I SHUFFLE?”

  1. vinnydakid123 says:

    nice sweather

  2. ExitonlineDk says:

    Sure you can shuffle :). But if you do it faster, it woud look awsome :)!

  3. what the grap is that my mom can do that

  4. TheTOPProductions says:

    @Kraddyy No.

  5. Everyone can shuffle.


  6. Th3Oth3r95 says:

    Nice, you have got your own style of shuffle, i like that (y) keep on dancing 😀
    (a hint: put away that cellphone/mp3-player, having both arms free makes your moves look more natural :D)

  7. Zer0sN0b0dy97 says:

    What about me guys, am I any good? Thumbs up if you agree 🙂 /watch?v=LWZgX5Bh5tw&list=UUYZbWX7OdcVPL9UuKMLmf_g&index=5&feature=plcp

  8. LazerTurken says:

    @TheNikeB dont listen to bitches like this one-.-, keep ur style

  9. XxTivonaxX says:

    wtff, why are there dislikes?

  10. yes u can

  11. I really like your style, but youre offbeat.

    You should shuffle to some hardstyle music or any song with more bpm.

  12. AndyCorcoran14 says:

    love your Style Man 🙂

  13. POPOiscommingXO says:

    Nice Vid, Are you hardstyling bro? well if you are **START SPINNING AND KICKING**..not hating just saying

  14. Really good!

  15. he can shuffle to ^.<3

  16. thx

  17. kevinkolkje says:

    youre fag

  18. i wouldn’t call that shuffling, your more like stomping the ground ^^

  19. MelbShuffleForLife says:

    Shuffle to express, not impress. Stupid LMFAO shufflers ruining it, fuck sake.

  20. drake108100 says:

    ur really good

  21. @HardstyleMenace I’m just glad we got this shit figured out. I don’t like internet arguments, but internet debates are incredibly eye-opening. Thanks, again, for the info, and hopefully we’ll all move forward as better people or some sentimental such as that. Peace

  22. HardstyleMenace says:

    @wabitgirl yeah i see what you mean now, and that is exactly right its all just narrowed down to preference. Thanks for the productive discussion/debate actually helped me a bit too 🙂

  23. TheKiddameh says:

    Hey i think that if you keep practicing youll be great, how long had you been practicing at this point? p.s. your movments arestill a little forced. Awsome job

  24. MrSaphiree says:

    @wabitgirl No worries bro 🙂

  25. @HardstyleMenace If you’d just come out and said that, we’d never have had this argument. I see what you’re saying, and I guess it comes down to a matter of terminology that different people use and have used. What you’re saying makes sense now. Thank you for the information.