My new Canon EOS 600D! To dislikers.. ujelly? Song: Coming Home - Belli And Srms Remix
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7 Responses to “Canon EOS 600D – HD VIDEO TEST | Melbourne Shuffle”

  1. @NHShaynne Thx mate! I will try that next time.. I’m doing all I can to learn the camera as fast as possible!

    @BassKids1 That parfume is frikin’ awesome!

  2. nice video bro 🙂 btw you may have noticed the quality is a bit off when you shoot in auto mode, try use manual, keep iso at 200 and raise the shutter, makes the quality amazing!

  3. Awesome bro *-*
    sub 🙂
    name of music? n.n

    AGD | Fipe

  4. Gosh In The Box >:D!! and Nice shuffle 🙂


  5. DarkShadeZ1997 says:

    awesome kval bro! <3
    keep it up 😀 i liked!

  6. missjette123 says:

    Wow du er god!!

  7. cool ;D