we decided to do a vid to shampagne showers, despite it being LMFAO it is a good song, we just thought it needed some better shuffling !!! This is how you shuffle BIATCH! this song champagne showers by lmfao is in know way mine, this song belongs to the artist and or record labels that recorded this track
Video Rating: 4 / 5

24 Responses to “Champagne Showers – The Melb Shuffle Way”

  1. NHShaynne says:

    come troll some more bby. back to your bassment gaming all day you sad useless fucking excuse for a human being.

  2. Grouseketchup says:

    hahaha you’re so fucking sad i won’t even bother returning your comment with an insult you useless cunt

  3. lawyerxsinxdarkky says:

    LOl I do this all the time xD

  4. xXshufflleXx says:

    pretty good man i know how to shuffle but i never though of this moves! 😀

  5. MrSkizy says:

    you guys are pretty dope love the vid bro

  6. NHShaynne says:

    but we still get more pussy than you, yeeeeeeeeeeeew

  7. Grouseketchup says:

    you are the gayest cunts i’ve ever seen

  8. MrTell101 says:

    How long did it take you to learn how to shuffle? I really want to learn!

  9. mau5tr4p420 says:

    pure epicness 😀

  10. animeartist5234 says:

    You guys inspire me to shuffle. Thanks. By the way……..BEAST!!!!

  11. animeartist5234 says:

    These guys know how to shuffle!

  12. seabass450 says:

    Fantastic!!! now that is how you shuffle!!! Excellent!!! A+

  13. TylerBearHart says:

    You guys are pretty good. 🙂
    If I had to point anything out though, I would say that you guys should work with the tempo a bit. When the music slowed down, or even stopped at some points, you guys just kept going at your original pace. Working with the tempo and adding certain moves in the right spots is the seasoning can turn a bland meal into a 5-star dish.
    Other than that, you guys are great. Keep up the good work~

  14. cowsarecool9009 says:

    NICE you guys are good

  15. zerooneonefive says:

    Must say, I hate LMFAO with a passion, but you guys are fucking amazing. You guys should be the ones shuffling in the videos and not those two afro party rock wannabe faggots called LMFAO. Awesome work 🙂

  16. AuCityTV says:


  17. NHShaynne says:

    in this video i used a Canon 550D :)

  18. lochness7monstahh says:

    wow nice man 🙂 what do you use to record your videos?

  19. Docherty19971999 says:

    thumbs up if you see the guy walk back for the camera at the end

  20. NHShaynne says:

    haha thanks bro and dw i hate them too, i thought we’d teach them a little something 😉

  21. TheTOPProductions says:

    Awesome rock dude, like your style 🙂 Dropped a like although I really dislike LMFAO, I think you know the reason why, lol.



  22. sovietgunnernapkin says:

    ye ye its nice, cant say anny thing abouth that.

  23. NHShaynne says:

    different style to the original melbourne, if you research MAS shuffling youll see more why they look different

  24. hayabusaboston says:

    Pretty intense, but the 1st dude’s arms look a bit retarded, you need to synchronise them with your leg movements and make yourself more fluid. A very fluid shuffler is mrmagicbones, check out his channel.