Compilation Shuffle MAS Styler's [BRA] x MAS Part 1 BR's Shufflers KG | Alee KG | Gui KG | H3ll KG |Kazumi KG/THF | Biel KG | Kout TIHP | Yuure TIHP | Weel Compilation Melbourne Shuffle Part 1 Mas styler's BRs. Next project compilation melbourne shuffle Part 2 Malaysian Response to this vid. Comment and rate ,subscribe if possible. Edited by: TDH | bIdOwss Msn: Continued Thanks for watching =]

21 Responses to “Compilation Shuffle MAS Styler’s [BRA] x MAS Part 1 BR’s”

  1. LilTunechiNiga says:

    Aus you do less tricks but more spins and hand movements
    Mas you do higher knees and longer steps with more moves

  2. elmoshuffle1 says:


  3. anybody aus have no style they do very hard like a mad dog

  4. ABCba5tard says:

    u mind doing a tutorial this style is nice

  5. ShuffleFiku says:

    PLZ track list.

  6. MAS? can someone fill me in on this.. im confused. it kinda looks like Malaysian shuffling but without the L.A style

  7. projektpanzerfaust says:

    wtf is this mas shit

  8. gordykidd001 says:

    Whats the song list ??

  9. DannyBoyWins says:

    is there a difference between MAS and Melbourne shuffling? o-o

  10. JuliooCesar01 says:

    Nice complation, e mto fohdas os shufflers! *-*

  11. 0815UserCantShuffle says:

    @MrGunnnah Not everyone.. these days many shufflers just copy styles.. thats pretty bad..

  12. AnythingButHuman says:

    My style is Hardstyle SHIRT!
    Shipping Worldwide! and in many colors!..

  13. ThatGuyFromDK says:

    @crazyinsane135 Fuck You

  14. kee your bback up, keep a more dominant stance then it’s more mas

  15. PapiBeatz69 says:

    Holy Shit.!!!!D:
    nd this was Last year.!! 😀
    Just to Amazing.! (:

  16. i wanna be in a compilation one day Fts | VEXED

  17. sharkyonaleash says:

    songlist plz great comp by the way

  18. imingunit1 says:

    @GhostsMayCry its only called shuffle because that was the first name of it and then it evolved. the meaning of the word shuffle has also evolved from the name of the move into the name of the dance. really, i dont see why it matters that much what its called. it takes alot of skill and practise to dance like this and i dont see why people cant just respect it. =/ (my opinion, dont be like some people and think im having a personal attack at you and start another youtube argument okay =)

  19. imingunit1 says:

    4 dislikes= the idiots that think mas style is one step xD

  20. martitwotwo22 says:

    @WrathRogue True True…

  21. WrathRogue says:

    @martitwotwo22 Hmm….you have your opinion and I have mine. ._.