Baden-Baden WIN - 1St Place Nikki_Kiss - 2Nd Place Panich - 3rd Place
Video Rating: 5 / 5

watch the video taken the next day: Magnolia Shufflers: German, Myself, Jimmy && Timmy. Yeahh we're picky with our songs which is why theres such a long period of time between us dancing :p the only song i know is Showtek-Colours of the Harderstyles.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “DANCE WARS episode III l Shuffle l Magistr | FINAL! Baden-Baden vs Nikki_Kiss”

  1. BxCrRcr28 says:

    Thank you!
    It was one of my friend’s class and he just pulled us all from different classes. it was a few days before school ended so we were basically having parties and doing nothing, but yes the teacher did let us. (:

  2. Cierra Monique says:

    your teacher really let you do that in class?

  3. BxCrRcr28 says:

    we all started with hardstyle and branched off to electro or trance pretty much… wasnt my ipod so no control over the music.

  4. cantollie324 says:

    whats up with the pokemon music go hardstlye

  5. revanrecklesscifer says:

    really? my teachers just sit there and watch me and then ask ” are you have a weird spasm?”

  6. BxCrRcr28 says:

    really? generally the melbourne shuffle videos i have seen are either asian or white.. i noticed those who dance the malaysian shuffle are mexicans

  7. BxCrRcr28 says:

    really? generally the melbourne shuffle videos i have seen are either asian or white. xD i noticed those who dance the malaysian shuffle are mexicans.

  8. BxCrRcr28 says:

    aha no need to apologize, its all good :p i took it as a compliment xD

  9. 420themilkman420 says:

    why have all the shuffling vids i watched been all mexicans?

  10. i2adioGangster says:

    Yeaah.. Sorry.. xD Wasn’t trying to be all weird n shit. ;P

  11. Lol @beginning..

    “Your gonna trip, OH yea aweeeeahh’

  12. BxCrRcr28 says:

    oh okay. i graduated last year(: who knows you might get people to become interested in learning how to shuffle over there(:

  13. biofreak96 says:

    alright. i got to school at Blanding. That’s in Utah.

  14. BxCrRcr28 says:

    Magnolia High School in Anaheim California(: shuffling is what it is… malaysian melbourne electro… depends on persons preference really. dance is a form of expression so don’t listen to others who try to put it down 😀

  15. BxCrRcr28 says:

    haha wasn’t expecting that comment but thanks! :3

  16. i2adioGangster says:

    LOL you have a nice butt… good shuffling. xD

  17. biofreak96 says:

    what school is this. wat state? cause most students at my school say shuffling is gay. but think shuffling is awesome. im a beginner.

  18. BxCrRcr28 says:

    no sorry i’m actually the girl in the video :p

  19. diatonixkillz says:

    are you the guy in the begining with the striped shirt?
    cause you kinna look like me, and its tripped me the fuk out XD

  20. Jvst0nTime says:

    what a class 😀

  21. pkmnctp96 says:

    Ok thnxs 🙂

  22. BxCrRcr28 says:

    i have no idea sorry :/

  23. pkmnctp96 says:

    What is the nane of the song when they dancing in 4 ???

  24. jakubret1993 says:

    Nice szuffle I greet the Polish Jakub

  25. BxCrRcr28 says:

    i wouldnt know, never had the teacher before.