Welcome our newest member Dash to HDC
Video Rating: 4 / 5

I made an Electro/Dance remix of Cannon in D, enjoy! Thanks to Leviticus for translating the music, and all others who support me. Oh yeah and I almost forgot to thank Jordan Robertson for being so gosh darn cute.

34 Responses to “Dash//HDC First shuffling video”

  1. TheTOPProductions says:

    Ur welcome (:

  2. DashHDC says:

    I completely agree with you. nothng too crazy. I’ll try to exaggerate a few moves or 2 next time, Just had to come up with an entry video into the crew. I’ll have to up it next time i guess.. 🙂 Thank you, i will keep it up and have a new video hopefully soon. Also your english is fine 😀 thanks for the comment StorMii.

  3. TheTOPProductions says:

    Nothing so flashy, shocking, impressing or anything like that, but ur style is really balanced, relaxed, controlled and u make it look fun. Sorry for my a bit bad English, I’m Finnish haha :p

    Props, keep it up!

    – MSF || PHS – StorMii

  4. H4rdSty1eAdd1ct says:

    u should i live i cali :p

  5. DashHDC says:

    I appreciate you saying you’d want me as a teacher tho. Thanks 🙂

  6. DashHDC says:

    If you lived near me and went to some of the same events we go to that wouldn’t be too hard you could chill with us, but i’m guessing you aren’t from Cali.

  7. DashHDC says:

    Me and Sony go way back even before HDC. We never think one is better than the other. We both surprise each other all time. You should see me and Sony in one room. We hype each other up to do some crazy shit. The best shuffle sessions i’ve had are with him. He’s like my counter part shuffler. In the beginning of meeting each other we did a mirror together without fail and barely new each other. Sony’s awesome! No one will ever get me to shuffle like he can.

  8. H4rdSty1eAdd1ct says:

    u should be my teacher 😀

  9. tiatsu says:

    he good but not good as sony

  10. DashHDC says:

    Honestly don’t judge how fast you’ll learn from me. It took me quite a while and not many videos were on youtube and no one was shuffling in the USA when i started to motivate and learn from others. These days people are learning SOOO much faster than i could before. I’ve seen people get good after 6 months. Just depends i guess. Just dedicate yourself and let it flow freely within you. Enjoy it. That’s why people always say “Express, not Impress.” people can’t get better if they “impress.”

  11. H4rdSty1eAdd1ct says:

    o dear i have alot of practice to do -.-

  12. DashHDC says:

    5 years since 2007 :). Didn’t get good till late 2008 or early 2009 i think at least. 😮

  13. H4rdSty1eAdd1ct says:

    hay how long you been shufflin for? 😀

  14. H4rdSty1eAdd1ct says:

    hehe rawr ;D

  15. DashHDC says:

    Well your others seem to have more glide. I guess i just looked at your recent one. Let me know if you and HSU would like a meetup. =)

  16. TheTopCommentTroll says:

    I just found out about HDC, these guys are amazing XD
    -forcefully clicks subscribe button-

  17. DashHDC says:

    Thanks my man :). I appreciate the support of keeping it the same. At least i don’t seem to look like someone else? =o

  18. DashHDC says:

    Thanks 😉 Meow lol jk :p

  19. DashHDC says:

    I looked at your latest video and you aren’t gliding at all. You stay in the same place the whole time. I could have sworn i was gliding a lot of my video. Especially the one clip at 3:20 Also my running man isn’t huge steps because i don’t do MAS style or Cali style. I do melbourne. :o. but hey give any advice you’d like :). I’ll take it all into consideration and try new stuff.

  20. caleboom says:

    dude keep how u are dont listen to much others telling you t widen your steps and glide more ull get the at your own speed

  21. H4rdSty1eAdd1ct says:

    id tap that xD

  22. IIBMBII says:

    your steps are too small widen your runningman and glide more… then youll look better

  23. DashHDC says:

    Thank you! 🙂

  24. thespeakingmime says:

    I can tell, you are super awesome at it!

  25. tonyp1928 says:

    i would perfur a sligtly less simple beat but good job.

  26. AdvokaraOfficial says:

    What is a modern sounding remix? How can you make a modern remix with an old song?

  27. sweetiron91 says:


  28. TheHyperZen says:

    o3o this song mixed the the guitar version <3

  29. skechyassmofo says:

    Why does every “electro” or “techno” mix I hear of this sound like euro pop from the late 90’s? Give me a modern sounding remix someone pleeeeease?!

  30. 2FuriousFreak says:

    I like the “double-Beat” in it…. nice ^^

  31. MyNameXsaga says:

    a bit rough for me, but the composition is awesomely cool

  32. TanjaRob says:

    Nice version 🙂

  33. LukeBlueFive says:

    Although this remix is a little too electronic-sounding for my taste, you did a good job in making it. Keep up the good work!

  34. vhopman says:

    cool remix.