Two Clips of Me Shufflin To Infinity by Request. PS: Got new shoes Today and wore them for the video. They are sweet and look just like Pae's shoes!
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AMIRUL SPEEDODEVO MUSHER APEKWHUUT more video will come up soon ! so please stay tune. Track? Ask Ganjaguru !

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  1. TheExterminiox says:

    yeap that´s right , men you are awesome , i wish to see more tutorials from you , you can said you have a fan!! xD
    ps: please make more vids soon (=

  2. Castiel4 says:

    Hello Dave, at 0:05 – 0:08 you do a very cool move, is it like moonwalk, just that you have your toes away from eachother, instead of close to eachother, its a pretty cool move, would love if someone could reply to this 😀 You’re awesome Dave, continue shuffling until you die 😀

  3. Definitely one of the best I’ve seen.

  4. InfiniteNightmareX says:

    Hey Dave, at 0:05 – 0:08 how do you do that wicked slide? Is that like your type of moonwalk? It actually kinda resembles a glide but in a backwards motion.

    Could you please make a tutorial for that? 🙂

  5. InfiniteNightmareX says:

    @XFS Thanks Dave, I appreciate you actually replying to me and as well as other peoples comments & questions. Keep Rocking! m/

  6. wearing shorts makes me look better than pants**

  7. In the video I am wearing DVS Shoes. Right now, I wear DVS shoes too except they are a different style, but same brand. I like Skate shoes for shufflin because they looks wider, and I think wearing shoes makes me look better than pants, when I shuffle. I also don’t like phatties (those baggie shuffle pants you might see some people see with reflector designs on them), because you can not see the persons feet as good. and I feel that takes away from the shuffle

  8. InfiniteNightmareX says:

    Hey Dave, what shoes are you wearing? Because I’m looking for a good shoe to buy for Shuffling.

  9. HaRdStYlEViBeZ says:

    haha hes decent buht theres no chance hes the best 😛

  10. lukajuki55 says:

    Wow man this is awsome iwe been shufflin for abuot 7 days and i am only getting the basics…. You’re awsome man…. I should learn from you….

  11. Yogomixer says:

    1:48 looks like electro shuffle

  12. PrinceV1R says:

    1:48 SPONGEBOB FTW! awesome shuffle, i wanna be as good as this guy

  13. VirgulaCamila says:

    Wow, u are one of my fav shufflers xD

  14. navataru says:


  15. By far the best shuffler I’ve seen on youtube, even better than the professional instructors in some of the videos I’ve seen!

  16. ripsticklord says:

    0 dislikes wow

  17. mRsHiZzAe says:

    he has so much bounce just like the beat i love you dave

  18. Youtube this “Dave’s Criss Cross Tutorial “

  19. fuckliao says:

    HEY DAVE, I hope you see this, Please briefly try to explain to me how you do the criss crosses from 1.48. I have shuffling basics and I will roughly get what you say.

    Cool moves 🙂 Peace

  20. Thanks! haha 🙂

  21. stephanie1312 says:

    You are the BEST guy shuffler Ive seen yet on youtube!! Your fuckin awesome!!!!! I will definatley be using your videos to learn off of to better my shuffling. I love that you have the perfect amount of variety moves and dont do the same thing over and over! Thanks for makin’ you videos!!! 🙂

  22. wannagoodcar says:

    How is 1:46 to 1: 50 even possible!!??!?! <3

  23. Dieb3ls says:

    love the move at 1:48 <33

  24. Mike5674321 says:

    the best can make the most out of the least

  25. ps3semental says:

    Good shuffling(:

  26. gohyonyuen says:


  27. gohyonyuen says:


  28. jimbocena says:

    whats the song

  29. Shuffleboy607 says:

    terbaek wok……..apek buat video aq
    new hardstyle boy

  30. jimbocena says:

    whats the song

  31. Azzroy123 says:

    best shuffle go HR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. MrBadfish2 says:

    Isn’t this more or less the “Running Man?” … looks cool either way.

  33. raysky053 says:

    nice the song ar beb……

  34. song @minute 1:00?

  35. bdo…ape tjuk lgu dye yng first… x dpt cri pn…someone plizz help….

  36. Rhuchenk says:

    Musher i like style
    Rhuchenk |Funka Faction Brasil

  37. zuretagiovani says:

    you’re crazy man. there is no better, you have different styles. 1st for al HR

  38. whats the song at 3:18? Please i want to know it badly.

  39. radhio8tive says:

    its not achik.
    but amirul..

  40. Xiia0Sn00pY says:

    they shouldnt be judge. they each are different.

  41. NAZRIN109 says:

    they r recognized in the intrntional…

  42. ScV9WoLF9 says:

    1st guy – fuckin awesome. haha. hope enough people see this and that dude is recognized. get a name kid and keep dancing. make more videos and u’ll be known for how awesome u kick ur hardstyle

  43. NAZRIN109 says:

    amirul a.k.a violence

  44. coolstar69 says:


  45. jaydeize says:

    who is the first dancer?
    He’s fuckin great!

  46. chamblizi says:

    its like the guy in pink tryn to make a new sexxi dance lol

  47. Ganjaguru - Overload (Remix)

  48. NadiXNoOne says:

    whats´t the first song ? ♥

  49. leima69 says:

    Whats the song playing at 2:10??

  50. NaimPunisher says: