KGS Azeal made an edited video for Disciple as a Late Birthday present. Thrown in with a couple of special effects and some good Bass. He is a great Melbourne Shuffler 😀 an now a KGS Member! Shuffler Disciple's Channel Songs used in the video Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

I got my phatties on the 18/08/09 from the guy there is named chris and he does a wonderful job making the phatpants I recommend buying from him. Thank you dimsim for being in my vid and letting me shuffe at your house. Song List: (in video order) Third Bass - Axel Coon Nessaja - Scooter Blackout - Dark By Design Blackout - Imzeh
Video Rating: 4 / 5

28 Responses to “Disciple Shuffles – Edited by KGS Azeal”


    Thx guys

  2. 7seattlesfinest4 says:

    very nice shuffling i love ur style!! checc out my vids and tell me wat u think. HSL - (Disciple)

  3. MHSslider96 says:

    Almost had that Bulldog spin there @ 0:31 ;D
    But nice!

  4. ilovepurplemorthanu says:

    lets see you shuffle before you judge anybody else.

  5. fiftyninefifty999 says:

    guys if you ever want to buy phats dont buy them from this website recommended in this video….. i tried it and it scammed me 200$ plus another 1000$ that they spent on random stupid shit…

  6. AbeehBoxall says:

    TELL.ME.HOW.YOU.DO.THAT.SPIN.PLEASE! I love your shuffle <3

  7. 21ricky666 says:

    I cant tell, are those the decepticon ones???

  8. connorhall70 says:

    twiggie go on aus gt talent again but use hardstyle this time

  9. epichealer101 says:

    Totally the definition of sexy ;3

  10. AMDEvolution says:

    The fuck is your problem asshole? Mommy didn’t give you the attention you needed so now you go out on the internet trying to get it? Grow the fuck up and stop hatin.

  11. Nightfury8703 says:

    If Shuffling was allowed on the show Got Talent, Twiggiee my man. You’d of already won before you even auditioned.

  12. ricardo delgado says:

    u guys are sooo sick u guys are my inspiration to shuffle i fucken love u guys !!

  13. XxPuRpLeStUpHxX says:

    fawkin briliant twiggiee SHUFFLIN 4 EVARZ

  14. swatunit05 says:

    shut the fuck up i bet you had never been on stage and took the embarrassment he got when he was on anyway YOUR MAD

  15. JumpStyleGamble says:

    I Need to get this good haha but lets be honest that will never happen lol your my idol

  16. JaYBoI69r says:

    youre a fucking embarrasment to australia cunt.. poor dogs haha

  17. tzangelulike says:


  18. FrEaaQiishSTaiiL says:


  19. ilovejustinmccormick says:

    You are just so cute i love you twiggiee. <3

  20. MsSnakeskin says:

    The mad Bro hug haha

  21. tranquilityzxc says:

    Is that an altar ?

  22. DJmurderbazz says:

    STuID TV! TV is Retro since this gay Jorie have say : You don’t can dance… Gay Idiot. Like your stlye. Ths is the future. Pople like the Jorie have sex with lmfao! 😀

  23. zbox089 says:

    Who needs television anyway. You´ll get more love on youtube than crappy critics will give you 🙂

  24. danielbomb11 says:

    you’r the best

  25. ipodboy0255506 says:

    Phatt pants dot com 🙂 in the transformer column

  26. danielbomb11 says:

    where did you buy the pants

  27. danielbomb11 says:

    very cool pants desepticon and autobot

  28. danielbomb11 says: