Tracks = 10 likes I have surgery tomorrow morning,i still have footage of me, im just waiting to edit it =D GAME BK Melbourne shuffle
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4 Responses to “Duke Shuffle Compiliation part one.(Melbourne shuffle)”

  1. dalton1000102 says:

    @TangoNoX Builder – Bad Manners(Luca Antolini DJ mix)

  2. Need second track!!!11!1!111oneone! :p

  3. fernandojosebr says:

    Duke with power skills!

    LUV IT

    [ G.A.M.E ] _ F.J

  4. TouchOfIvory says:

    What Was That You Said About Christian Hardstyle?? :p This Video Is Great Babe. I Know Surgery Is Going To Suck… But You Gotta Hold Onto the hope Of Coming Back And Owning Everyone! I Hope I Get The Chance To Catch Up At Least. <3 <3

    The Jester