Hey everbody. My name is Luke Skyballer so if you remember meeting me at EDC please friend request me. This is footage of people dancing at the main stage EDC 2010. About a minute in and you'll see the red power ranger killin it! More to come including the dancing cookie monster. PLUR
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “EDC 2010 Shufflers ft. The Red Ranger”

  1. TheNeOnZz24 says:

    0:18 Really ? 

  2. DragonOfQin says:

    that dude wit the cookie monsta backpack is from the vanity fair. LOL!

  3. vinceraney says:

    wow lol the guy with the cookie monster back pack. LOL fuck the shufflle

  4. G3minee says:

    just a bunch of flaming homosexuals!

  5. damianraver says:

    shuffle mosh pit!!!!!!

  6. Rikud0S3nnin says:

    i saw you luke but me and my friends just didnt say hi lmao

  7. udoodoo27 says:

    bunch of lame ass fools.. You guys are sick embarrassnig! lol

  8. Keyz.Dot. Kerosene says:

    thats why you add your own moves and style to it once you have it down.

  9. xXCr3WXx says:

    Shuffling i so gay all they do is the same thing over and over

  10. gus4dabus says:

    look at the cookie monster just waiving

  11. TheSharkshaw says:

    he must be hot as fuck in that shit

  12. MusicElectronicPromo says:

    Gotye – Somebody That I Use To Know ( JOEL AVALO REMIX )

  13. gotwomp says:

    LOVE this video Luke. Best weekend of my life <3

  14. georgeho815 says:

    some one make a .gif of the red ranger pleasee

  15. OscarOsR says:

    see even the red ranger needs to take a pill and enjoy life once in a while lol

  16. XTHISKIDXx says:

    whats the song they went wild to

  17. tk421808 says:

    Tell me there is an animated GIF of him somewhere! Ha ha yeeeeeaaaaaa bouy!

  18. BequuiiGtz says:

    Sonido de mierda -.-

  19. d1elon87 says:

    the plush backpacks seem to be hip with this type of crowd..

  20. genecrazy says:

    Back in the day, there was a variety of dancers. You would see poppers (tutting, liquiding, waving, botting), lockers, bboys, house dancers, nordic tracking aka candy walking. I miss THOSE times.
    I’m still cool with massives, but it just isn’t like how it used to be.
    I guess its time to bring oldschool back at EDC 2012 though! :]

  21. DnBQemist says:

    im not racist…but since when did the latino community start shuffling??

  22. 17573098397507414R says:

    Thought i lost connection on my phone, but it was the video D:

  23. telectronicguy says:

    R.I.P. edc LA..

  24. DanaDanja says:

    these kids…………….

  25. Frisky628 says:

    Guy in boxers is Julio ah!!! Lol this day was so fun 🙂