Epic Shuffle Fail

Epic dance fail by me doing the Melbourne Shuffle @ Daydream Festival 2010 =) Enjoy!

www.youtube.com If you ever wanted to learn how to shuffle, this is the video to watch. The dancer is Alexis Tamayo and she knows her stuff. Props to Mariel for filming it on the Peter Hughes stage at Lawrence Middle School -- Woot! Woot!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

49 Responses to “Epic Shuffle Fail”

  1. chrisok66 says:

    @ExpertOfSound It was pledge

  2. @ExpertOfSound Wait, Are You Serious? Where?

  3. NorseDraugarHunter says:

    Now let’s all point at the raver skidmark who is wearing a piece of shit ugly black $2 wife beater and wornout old hand-me-down jeans!

  4. ozzybwild says:

    Lawl.. I once had a similar thing happening while shuffling, except:
    1. I was drunk as hell and stoned a bit I think (can’t quite remember..).
    2. Being drunk as fuck I decided it was a good idea to go buy some vodka-energys and throw’em on the d.floor (like a boss!) to have a more slicky area to shuffle..
    3. It came the way I did not expect it – from the running man out i slided across the dancefloor, slowly turning while still standing.. just to land to the feet of 4 laughing girls..

  5. dsupply98 says:

    the only thing i heard was that laugh at the end lol

  6. RuiiKahlevra says:

    yer tha man cool guy …c u at the beach

  7. sk00l123 says:

    lmao some one get his as a dance dance game jesus

  8. livingWolfArrow says:

    seems like he tried to go to jumpstyle, didn’t go to well hu?

  9. ThatCampingOwl says:


  10. TheLightningJS says:


  11. robcarr710 says:

    press 9 to hear the guy laugh lol

  12. kwfallday says:

    comedy hahahaha

  13. XSenseiiShuffleXxx says:


  14. Wizarrdd says:

    That floor was gonna collapse anyways.

  15. BlueBlee says:

    electro shuffle way more chill, and all who said shuffles lame, I bet you cant get down even if u had a gun to your head

  16. GingerJalapeno says:

    too funny!

  17. FanCythatorrez says:


  18. haluceN8 says:

    Shuffles suck, only a few can make it look good, and everyone looks angry. Or at least like they are running with there hands tied

  19. Looks so retarded

  20. sanguinarioxd says:


  21. iShuffle4 says:

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  22. Nikola1335 says:

    melbourne shuffle…hardstyle 4 ever!

  23. jalove463 says:


  24. Byez360 says:

    this never gets old loool

  25. isamayle says:

    CAN I SHUFFLE? , /watch?v=ybJ4t40Leo4 Thumbs up if i can!

  26. RageModeIII says:

    @dfrostman I wont this girl to be my girl friend plz :D

  27. sup3rduperd0rk says:

    I like the song alot and i learned how to shuffle from this titorial( i dont know if i spelled that right) .

  28. gregchen2000 says:

    i accidentally locked my knee while ‘kicking’ it hurts like hell now

  29. Addicted2chocolatify says:

    @Surinhareach, of course you can do it! 😀 I learned how to shuffle way younger than 11, so I’m positive YOU can do it ;D.. You just need to have the perseverance to practice ;)) Good luck!

  30. surinhareach says:

    Boo hoo !:( I’m 11 years old this is way to hard for me

  31. dbzspectator says:

    Music in the beginning sounds like Deadmau5 – Ghost n Stuff, repeating lol

  32. justinlover619 says:

    I LEARNED, That I Cant Shuffle xD

  33. RavenLowful says:

    What is the name of the music at the begining of this movie ?

  34. 7WorldUp says:

    way to hard

  35. SwaqMuffin says:

    what song is this called?

  36. guerraluis1995 says:

    Yuh missed a bug xD

  37. iloveLPforever says:

    whats this song?

  38. weirdozable says:

    Can u make a tutorial on the dougie???????
    this is her friend!!!!

  39. weirdozable says:

    this is sriously the best tutorial EVER MADE!!!!!!!!!!!! me and my frien learned A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pkz post more tutorials on anything!!

  40. dfrostman says:

    @shanaga4 It’s a girl

  41. shanaga4 says:

    r u a girl or a boy?

  42. SniperAuspro says:

    You cant actually do the actually shuffle

  43. Mynameisreallysecret says:

    I go to Lawrence and Alexis tomayo went to my elementary school btw it’s Alexis C. u mite not remember me

  44. viejodelsako says:

    wich is the name of the song?

  45. Whazzakid says:

    thats not how malzahar does it ^.-

  46. tevani105 says:

    nothinh against shufflers but jumpstyle is way harder to learn (and is more awsome).

  47. HelgePloen says:

    (: xd good

  48. TheCheeseinacan says:

    im still terriable! hmmmm…..

  49. deathkiller110 says:

    @deathkiller110 now in 8th