Exis - Warcraftstyle (Original Mix)

Awesome Warcraft theme hardstyle music made by Exis

25 Responses to “Exis – Warcraftstyle (Original Mix)”

  1. ShinGrixca says:

    I think you mean wownage

  2. MsNocticula says:


  3. Chrisse900102 says:

    Isn’t that Arthas Menethil (spelling) on the pic ?:)
    because i have him as a character on GH Wor^^

  4. AlphaCenturau says:

    Hehehe … if you multiply the likes by the dislikes you get 666 XD

    Also … nice song 😀

  5. 3000Dragon3000 says:

    vooolll crazzzzy 😉

  6. Danielos35 says:

    Very cool and the best music
    pls link to download

  7. cruz3rih says:

    More songs exis!

  8. evilldd says:

    This is SICK!

  9. julianandrex says:


  10. djpityko says:

    very well, warcraft 2 have the best music!!!!!!! 2:20 grat

  11. krayzee001 says:

    I still play this song when I’m in the Arena matches. It really puts you in to rhythm. Lol

  12. xianghuasc says:

    omgggg so good!

  13. Joman166 says:

    awesome tracks like this make maintenance go past so much quicker lol 5/5

  14. 22Kode22 says:

    Exis Needs to become more famous, his music is Legit

  15. 22Kode22 says:

    haha yeah, i got like a week after i posted the comment lol thxs anyway

  16. zrappaz says:


  17. MrJambones says:

    Try getting youtube to mp3 converter mate its really easy to use and saves a bit of hassle.

  18. 22Kode22 says:

    got a Download link?! =D

  19. iTzSweep says:

    A pile of mum

  20. VisHanTin17 says:

    This is cool! ;D Great music to playing 5/5 good ;]

  21. TheZealina says:

    /dance for this xD

  22. TheZealina says:

    yeeeehaa its cool 🙂 i love it

  23. WowLirale says:

    Btw…this is asbadian, lol…on a friend’s account ;O

  24. WowLirale says:

    Digg, Facebook, MySpace, showed random friends on WoW. I got him more views. 😛

  25. emilovit123 says:

    And how will you do that?