For The Shufflers PT 2. ( Tracklist @ Description )

TRACKLIST 1. Fur Elise - Heath Renata 2. Guns N Roses ( K'no Remix ) 3.Hot Pink Delorean - Go Crockk (Audiopus Remix) 4.David Vade - Galaxy remix electro 5.Peace Treaty - Change (Bombskiez Remix) 6.This Is How We Rock In Melbourne (Untitled Remix) - Teddy Cream [ ON MY YOUTUBE ] 7. Don't Have Don't Remember ) 8. Eazy E - United Remix ) 9.LazerBeatz - Im Fuhked up 10.DjWalaLopez - Midnight Creation (Original Mix) 11. Show Me Love (Dj DaGo 2011 Dirty Dub-Dutch Bootleg)

19 Responses to “For The Shufflers PT 2. ( Tracklist @ Description )”

  1. NeonPurpleGamer says:

    Hate u all melbourne  shufflers…its all about Malaysian Shuffle

  2. XxXAiNoZxxXLgT says:

    I Go with MrOrange

  3. manny1999manny says:

    this is malaysian shuffle

  4. MrOrange41 says:

    damn the music is sick but the pic just doesnt go w/it bro his aint melbourne

  5. cainorox says:

    Eazy E (Untitled Remix) – K`no ***** lol

    Sweet Child Of Mine (K`no Remix) – Guns & Roses

    From, K`no [Untitled] “Because We Can’t Explain it” lol 🙂

  6. fenom969605 says:

    where can i get the im fuhked up cnt find it!!

  7. ShufflerJavii says:

    dude were can i get the eazy e remixx??

  8. yunipo12 says:

    description dummy

  9. Jonathan3452 says:

    This guy lagged it

  10. Jonathan3452 says:

    Where the fuck is the tracklist man

  11. KariiLb94 says:

    So wheres the tracklist?

  12. iyreleck says:

    ill trade you

  13. imhector69 says:

    bro where the songs at ?

  14. TheSkullkandy15 says:

    the 1st song is Fur Elise By Heath Renata

  15. TheRealYGFame says:

    its More Than 550 , Where My Sonqs ?-.-

  16. killingtheirdreams01 says:

    if ur going to do something like this atleast put the name of the songs!!!!

  17. Jazzmany11 says:

    I Hate The Fact That I Know Most Of The Songs In This Mix Whatever It is (x
    And I Forgot The Name For Most Of Them Lmao

  18. nerd6917 says:

    8:18 ma boi iva always wanted that song ma boi
    please cld u give me the name of it in a mssg ill rade u anyting i just want that song bro id appreciate it

  19. kyeboard123 says:

    2:50 That Song Is Old But It Stayed Low Keyyy For Long Ass Time
    Took Me Like 5 Months To Find It ;P