Enjoy ~

25 Responses to “Girls can Shuffle!”

  1. a7xtdgjkbotdf says:

    I agree 🙂

  2. a7xtdgjkbotdf says:

    what’s the music for 0:44 ?

  3. bpeter91 says:

    What’s the song 2:04 – 2:35 ??? Pls heeeelp 

  4. zunkutahm says:

    I’m sorry but i just can’t resist this…
    4:02 BOOBIES!

  5. TheMrRa666 says:

    3:47 O.o… strange C-walking?

  6. 1adelaideshuffler says:

    best shuffler ever is t1m

  7. SgtWangMaster says:

    the chick at 2:36 has no feet hahah

  8. linkenpark4evaXD says:

    only the 3rd chick was good i shuffle better

  9. TheKenpachi1 says:

    the girl who was at the rave was the only one who was good in my opioin

  10. ThePaladin5084 says:

    gotta admit the truth, this is pretty sexy-badass, just the fact they do it all TO well lol

  11. mikeisthe007 says:

    wats the first song?????

  12. Holly2882 says:

    I love how i am that girl at 3.14 hahaha 🙂

  13. aissahappy says:

    wow they’re good :)

  14. CometSnuff says:

    i love how the bewbs shuffel with 😀

  15. ultimatehollow16 says:

    excuse me can u tell what the song on 3:14 is called is sounds really cool

  16. xXCREEKSTARXx says:

    no she isnt…i bet those are pink shoes…fuckin pink :D^^

  17. shadowwar666 says:

    2:05-2:35 Is that girl shuffling barefoot? Can’t tell.

  18. HardStyleCivilianHSC says:

    1st of March is Justin Bieber’s birthday. This little fag has been infecting the whole world. Because of him, the world of techno is extincting

    So on his birthday, we all will go to his “Baby” official video and push the ‘dislike’ button so that the ‘dislike’ bar becomes 10 times bigger than the ‘like’ bar

    If you are a techno fan, join with me and thumbs up me, copy-paste this message to all techno videos. We have 3 months to unite and fight against this lil roach

  19. SquidJerkey says:

    How many people watched this to see their ass jiggle around?

  20. sosanmia3 says:

    awesome vid; of course girls can shuffle wat a dumb question ;]

  21. GimmeDaNana says:

    i think the best shuffler ever is francis

  22. sagadave420 says:

    what is the song that starts at 1:05 ???????

  23. waynexisxbrain says:

    This is very true.

  24. manomogul says:

    Gurls are best when sucking c**k

  25. manomogul says:

    These gurls are well good, and cute too, dey shure can do dat shuffle thang, lol 😉