Here's a Hard Trance MIx that I've decided to make, It's not great, but it's something. Tracklist: 1) Alex Kidd vs. Kidd Kaos - Kiddstock Theme 2008 (Original Mix) 2) Klonez & Amber D - Mind Twister 3) Kidd Kaos & Phil York - Keep the Beat Moving 4) Kidd Kaos & Amber D - Eternal Requiem NOTE: I do not own nor do I take any credit for these songs.

Dedication to one of my beautiful bestfriends. I love you fish 🙂 and i miss you 🙁 Also new style and stuff enjoy! Im also really dissapointed in people about my ChaosPrime video aswell...Not everything has to be fast paced and be filled with energy, especially if it's a soft style song, so get over it.

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  1. xXrandyXx1998 says:

    fukin nice girl

  2. duncan3333 says:

    i gotta say one thing i hope the girl used in the photo is very very clean shaven ??? duct tape?

  3. JumPInfectioN says:

    but thats dumb because you wont be able to tell which one you got it from lol

  4. Mungf21 says:


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  7. parrtysuz87 says:

    sooooo sickkkkkkkk i loveeeee ittt drives me crazzyyyyyy <3

  8. sumit667 says:

    NICE tittis!:P

  9. Fulmetal2339 says:


  10. 2011PutYourHandsUp says:


  11. o0LiT0o says:

    What if I get one from both?

  12. sarafull1 says:

    Nice mix and nice photo. :]

  13. HypnoShufflez says:

    1: im not a stud
    2: im with 1 girl and 1 girl only
    3: i dont fuck anyone :/

    so before you start mouthing off maybe think first (:

  14. murderousintent says:

    we arent all studs like you that fuck a different 10/10 girl every week

  15. morganhchs says:

    Greaat mix! add a tracklist Especially the track playing at 4:00 min

  16. TheBigtoe1684 says:


  17. HypnoShufflez says:


  18. yingtau says:

    true that!

  19. sawyerbobby says:

    well played dear sir

  20. Hey everyone! Thanks for all your nice comments! Its really appreciated! Unfortunately, ive been gone for months due to my computer being busted and I dont have the money to fix it or even buy a new one. Though, i will be back soon with more! So stay golden everyone, and enjoy the music!
    – Jex

  21. HypnoShufflez says:

    people who clicked the video for the picture are kinda desperate :/ you should be clicking it for the music

  22. FastMinDs says:

    !!! NICE !!!
    daumen hoch weiter so 😉

  23. WazamRiteUpDaGiggity says:

    What the song from the beginning and on called??

  24. Bositothesauci says:

    that dress would hurt like hell to take off…..

  25. Spaceweed10 says:

    Why not?

  26. kas9556hoihoi says:

    it’s music name?

  27. aurorashufflez says:


  28. kas9556hoihoi says:

    0:53 music name please

  29. HDgermanycom says:

    i love your Phatt style

  30. EASYofficial2k12 says:

    i like your stylt.
    so clean and very smooth.
    keep it up

    EASY – shorty

  31. aurorashufflez says:

    Iduno some retarded european design xD

  32. YellowMinute94 says:

    great vid bro 🙂 also what type if house is that in the background..

  33. aurorashufflez says:

    @bmxkid0123 Changed it back! 🙂

  34. bmxkid0123 says:

    you changed name of clip? o.o

  35. awesome shuffle dude!

  36. INHDERIAN says:

    Wow, I love your style!!
    10/10! GOOD LUCK
    Soon you will be NS
    Greetings from Mexico!
    Come over to see my tryout!

    Demental Minds – Derian

  37. buen video meno tienes todo mi apoyo
    Like 🙂

  38. aurorashufflez says:

    MATA! <3

  39. Yogomixer says:

    Woww Nice !!
    Good luck !!
    Check my try out xD !!

  40. LaihoMATA says:


  41. CloTandCross says:

    nice tryout , i like it ^^ like ;3

  42. ShufflinClas says:

    still impressed hehe

  43. aurorashufflez says:

    @ShufflinClas Nah easy as xD

  44. ShufflinClas says:

    Barefoot? that gotta hurt 😮

  45. TheGitsyProductions says:

    nice tryout Bro 🙂
    good luck n hope we both get in;)
    check out my tryout on my channel;)

  46. Nemesis4607 says:

    very nice. good luck! :))

  47. aurorashufflez says:

    @MrZsolt33 Wowow thankyou! 😀

  48. NHShaynne says:

    nice video bro,