One hour of non-stop amazing hardstyle tunes. Enjoy 🙂 CHECK OUT MY OWN PRODUCED TRACKS ON MY CHANNEL, WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE IT! 🙂 ★ Follow Dj Broxi / Suncraft: FB: facebook.com TW: twitter.com YT1: youtube.com YT2: youtube.com SC: soundcloud.com I am unable to post the tracklist but you can use SoundHound or Shazam apps and they pick most of them up (I prefer SoundHound).
Video Rating: 5 / 5

25 Responses to “HARDSTYLE 2012 (1 HOUR MIX)”

  1. desastermaster2010 says:

    ….my brain got goosebumps……

  2. mazdagofast says:

    saw a comment on another video sending me here. i like i like. great job, and keep up the good work! love the mix!!

  3. DjBROXl says:

    D-Block & S-Te-Fan – Rockin’ Ur Mind


  4. TehContact says:

    Dislike and i will kill u

  5. BrenBmx says:

    What’s the first song? @.@

  6. Shazzman07 says:

    i came for the boobs

  7. DjBROXl says:

    Zany – Frequency (Jack of Sound Remix) …thanks for listening :)

  8. Keffo2 says:

    Song at 39 min?

  9. DeAnS821 says:

    whats the name of the 3rd song??

  10. woot123brandon says:

    I watched the whole vid while masterbating. xDD

  11. TehMouseh says:

    Amen bro. Gotta love ‘dem boobs. 😛

  12. Zalaan says:

    I’ve had this as one of my browser tabs for about 5 days.
    Every time I go between tabs to re-arrange I always say “Dear god” out loud because of this delicious picture.
    Jus’ sayin.

  13. xSpectrumGaming says:

    Forget the track list. Who’s the model?

  14. hornyazmzombie says:

    omg looks at those titty

  15. AbzockDE says:

    okei 😀

  16. DjBROXl says:

    Thanks but I’m sorry I don’t have the tracklist but if you would like to know what track is playing at a certain time I can probably help you out 🙂 Thanks a lot for listening!

  17. DjBROXl says:

    Bioweapon – Cosmic Destination 2010 🙂

  18. TehContact says:

    PLEAS i need a tracklist or i will die! the mix is amazing!

  19. Aberdwyn says:

    what song is it that starts at 07:35

  20. YTownNateDogg says:

    My ears just had sex with this music. 😀

  21. DjBROXl says:

    No prob it’s “Heatzone – Hurricane” thanks for listening 🙂

  22. InLoveWithCola says:

    can someo please tell me te song at 16:00

  23. DjBROXl says:

    Thanks for your support m8 🙂

  24. AlexFlameMusic says:

    I’m not usually all that into mixes, but from what I’ve heard so far this one is fantastic 🙂

  25. xXxMBNxXxRAGE says:

    haha yea mate unless there is great juicy tits in them hhhahahahha