Hardstyle House Pae & Sarah Shuffle Duo

Another one of my remakes of the Pae & Sarah Duo Shuffle clip originally made by LEN
Video Rating: 4 / 5

INDONESIAN Melbourne Shuffle : HARDSTYLE In Boring School !!!!!

it's my second video.. Song in this video: Protek - Hardstyle Dark Oscillators - Superstar DJ PunkBuster - What ! Baracuda - La di da (dance mix) Southstylers - Wicked Generation Patrick Bunton - Young Birds

23 Responses to “Hardstyle House Pae & Sarah Shuffle Duo”

  1. ShufflinClas says:

    Whats this particular remix called?

  2. GizmoFts says:

    am pretty sure pae boned her lol..

  3. Slow loading

  4. the shuffle: the most popular form of dance in the 2010’s

  5. maicondasilva1 says:

    view my new video





    thanks man :D

  6. AnythingButHuman says:

    You gotta check out this fully hectic shuffle

  7. Tabogiz1986 says:

    zinzalinze 😀

  8. zocka123 says:

    @BlackManSlim562 haha 😀

  9. BlackManSlim562 says:

    @zocka123 those things are jiggly wigglin hahah

  10. maicondasilva1 says:


  11. PureHardDance4ever says:

    Pae is to fast for song ;DDD

  12. StukkiLombardo says:

    omg, can´t get enough from sarah……….

  13. My new video shuffle(aus style)

  14. TheLittleScarlet says:

    Watch Crux Stereophobia shuffle 🙂

  15. Luckylol310 says:

    At 2:54 the boy want to put his hand in he’s trousers.

  16. I’m wondering why I only looked at Sarah???

  17. Hey! Please give a few minutes on my shuffle video, been practicing for long, and i would love to hear what you think about my shuffle skills! THANK YOU! 🙂

    – Shaqiel

  18. 11258eric says:

    Sweet! whats the Name of the songs?

  19. MrGamerClub says:

    very nice

  20. DornAlien123 says:

    nice !

  21. TheLastMinecrafter says:

    @zocka123 You are my hero.. xD

  22. uTixMoose says:

    good mix, IINN MYY HOUSEEEE

  23. nice, check out my shuffle video – /watch?v=R19wcF8_QRE