Happy New Year Everybody!!! 😀 12-31-11 JvShflzz
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11 Responses to “Hardstyle Melbourne Shuffle (Happy New Year!)”

  1. Jvidana95 says:

    @mh3slayer Haha thnx bro! 😀 

  2. mh3slayer says:

    now thats what im talking about bro like and fave

  3. trophy1958 says:

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  4. MzonePHD says:

    I love this


  5. ivanna71998 says:

    i like your style and your getting way better keep it up bud good job:)

  6. SekaShuffle says:

    *__* niceee 😀 nice song and nice style ;D i like it ;D

  7. RIOTVIRUS says:

    Good shit man! Good song choice too, I love that song!

  8. HunTerZzz80 says:


  9. TonyHardDancer says:

    Nice video bro 🙂
    Happy n year

  10. Jvidana95 says:

    @Tahardakify Thnx!!!! 😀 Happy New Year to you too!

  11. Tahardakify says:

    Nice man, great since I saw you last time 😉
    Happy New Year from Sweden!! <33