Hardstyle Republic Germany Nightfall 2010 Here it is .. my video : 1 Year of shuffle . This Video is Dedicated to my best Friend Vitó and to all my friends , subscribers and to the people who supported me on my way .. so thank you . I Love u all :* I Hope u Like and enjoy the video .. 🙂 Programm Used : Sony Vegas Pro.9 Visit ~ www.My-ibd.de www.germanshuffle.de www.pureoverdrive.com Video Tags : Hardstyle Republic Nightfall Nightfallcanshuffle Vitó FrottyVsVito 1 Year of Shuffle Melbourne Shuffle Rave Dance Techno Hardtrance Hardstyle Hardstyling 2010 Sony Vegas Pro. 9 Germanshuffle GS POD Pureoverdrive PHD Hardstyle Republic Brazil Poland Austria Switzerland Malaysia Puma New Style Power Hard Techdance House Electro beats Dance Tanzen Musik Music Germany Kleve Pkay Epicz IBD Infected Bass Demons Dedication to friends Support I Love u All

25 Responses to “Hardstyle Republic | Nightfall ~ 1 Year of Shuffle”

  1. bennybee4 says:

    wats the first song?

  2. AnythingButHuman says:

    Good points of Lmfao and Shuffle understanding,

  3. Kiluh100 says:

    song name at 2:25?

  4. Shad0wShuffler says:

    Wow. 1 year and you’re this good? I think this deserves a subscription. Haha nice shuffling man, amazing style <3 😛

  5. in love :D
    Love your style :O

  6. halfrohr says:

    du bist einfach der beste … sowas ist echt nice work bro..

  7. RevolutionaryAgentz says:

    @Bi02007 its not i messed up :$

  8. @RevolutionaryAgentz

    Sorry… But I don´t think that´s the right title, m8…

  9. chrissyculleton says:

    ur amazing 🙂 i love you 😛
    shufflers 4 life 🙂

  10. RevolutionaryAgentz says:

    @Bi02007 kidd kaos – feel the power.

  11. d4rkb0y93 says:

    Krass *___*

  12. Song at 4:00 and the song just before that… Neeed 2 know…

    I really enjoyed ur video 🙂

  13. halfrohr says:

    das ist mein lieblings video ..!!!nightfall!!! the best ..mach weiter so

  14. Keep rockin’ bro! Awesome style and shuffling. You should subscribe me, I’ll make some amateur shuffle videos and hardstyle mixes too. 🙂

  15. halfrohr says:

    nightfall!!!!the best!!!<3<3

  16. rozzihardboyz says:


  17. StomperJayzon says:

    bestes video man (:

  18. veganheart1 says:

    You’re an amazing shuffler! Keep up the great shuffling! 🙂

  19. Hey echt hamma … endlich mal einer der nen eigenen style hat…. echt dere hammer ich glaub ich stell auch ma was rein…. MfG Jan…. deine Jumps sind voll cooool

  20. Hey echt hamma … endlich mal einer der nen eigenen style hat…. echt dere hammer ich glaub ich stell auch ma was rein…. MfG Jan

  21. TouchOfIvory says:

    I Cant Get Enough Of Your Shuffle Sir!

  22. bambelibu says:

    krasses vid bro weiter so! kanns du mir vllt den letzten shuffle song sagen? =)

  23. wings7293 says:

    wow yeah.. nice shuffle
    nice style
    greetings from mexico

    BF  Wings

  24. xtracter360 says:

    wow alter! du shufflelst halb so lang wie ich, aber doppelt so gut o.0
    nice style (Y) =D

  25. aikaLiva says:

    Best video –
    epic shuffling..
    nice style..
    keep rocking! you rock! 😀
    liked+fave ^__^

    fumino –