hey guys , so Dazz was from HR poland , He is live now in Germany so we meet 🙂 We hope you enjoy the video : Cmnt , Like and Subscribe for more videos 🙂 - Dazz : www.youtube.com - Nightfall : www.youtube.com Songs: 1 Danny V. - My Madness 2.Mike Steventon - Vibrations (Josh Lang Remix) 3.Alex Kidd vs In2ition - Happiness Happening (Josh Lang Remix)
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25 Responses to “Hardstyle Republic | Nightfall ft. Dazz !”

  1. FirstClazz17 says:

    What do you guys use to edit?

  2. CELOH410 says:


  3. ShallowShine says:

    i live out in the middle of fuck town no where, lol no one here knows about shuffling.

    But thank you for the tips…dance like u feel…not like others do..
    ill take that to heart.

    I plan on uploading a video before long…it will be my first ever…you see

  4. takiyaganji says:

    so best

  5. PureEvil28 says:

    Subbed !! xDD Sub back ?? ^^

  6. HardDanceCommunityNi says:

    Thank you ! hmm yea u know what i leared trough the past 4 years
    -Watch videos,but not to much,so u won’t be a mainstreamer with styles(u know what i mean)
    -dance like u feel it,not like other ppl do.
    -make it to express ur character and feelings
    That will make ur style more unique and different from the others.
    If u have in u have in your city underground Hardstyle parties go there and feel the music.

    HR Dazz

  7. HardDanceCommunityNi says:

    I will post something new in mean time,I’m now busy with study and hip hop instead of shfl,but HR Poland will have a Showcase soon so stay in tune : )

  8. FlabbyTheJuice says:

    honestly help me out….. dazz looks so sick and aggressive but i cant figure out if he is one stepping or two…….if he is two stepping what the trick to moving so fast cause i cant fking shuffle to hardstyle or hard trance and it makes me sad…

  9. is nightfall the best? :O

  10. nightfall. you is the shit :O

  11. ShallowShine says:

    i really like dazz’s style…its just…strange…he has got his own thing

  12. FlabbyTheJuice says:

    Love both of you but im really diggin this dazz guy! Any news on his channel?

  13. nice

  14. MT1snickers says:

    Nightfall man!!! you rock man!!! i love your shuffle! fav+like!

  15. Plesniorowy says:


  16. Amazing!!
    you’re such a great shuffler!!
    how i can be like u??
    i just know and practice shuffle in 2 month ago but my moves still poor,
    may u give advice to me??

  17. Nice nightfall, like your style, newshoes? 😀
    Just notised.
    XorTeZ | Vampires Fraternity

  18. ubwikg1565 says:

    Nice, Very Nice!


    | Kage

  19. GBInfamous805 says:

    /watch?v=K7VxXDpzomM Know who this is? xD

  20. Gh0Ztshuffle says:

    nightfall = sick combos 😀
    you rock 😀

  21. italyboy2009 says:


  22. levislooney says:

    totally unfair x) keep dancing dude 🙂 you have been an inspiration for me 😛

  23. NightfallCanShuffle says:

    thank you ;D

  24. Nightfall I always thought that you are not very good at shuffle and most of people are overrating you, but after watching some more of your videos I was like “Omg, I’m fucking blind”, you are style is a masterpiece, fucking subscribed <3

  25. DjTwinkleTowe says:

    @NightfallCanShuffle Will you ever make a shuffle tutorial on your style? becuase i love your style! plz make one though