Hi, New video, what do you think? Not my best, I haven't danced for more than two years. It`s also a Hardstyle Republic Poland tryout, hope I will be in. Want to know a song name? Try your luck and send me a PM. It would be amazing if you write a comment or subcribe my channel! Some of you can know me as a Straw or Strawberry. Thanks.
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  1. mmongaynay says:

    a favorite from me?

  2. SkrillexRemixes says:

    I want more of these, well done

  3. That was nice, i love it!

  4. OnlineFaxService says:

    dang yo Sooo aweeesomeeee.? You should make more videos. You really know what youre doing

  5. xaznig2012 says:

    Hello, How are you?

  6. itschrisrickyandjoe says:

    -Good job mate, keep the videos coming!

  7. diepha49 says:

    Im subscribing.

  8. dsafsdfasfaf says:


  9. WorldSitesWS says:

    The system must of crashed and deleted like 322,354,346,343 views off this video 😛

  10. stillbornist says:

    I will watch all you vidz from now on you rule!!!!!!

  11. XRCAlkhijeadyXRC says:

    Your amazing!!!

  12. stocksloan says:

    W0aH ^^ Epic Video

  13. wooo i really liked it

  14. sieunhan369 says:

    can you upload more videos like this one? thats freakin awesome!!!

  15. khoigame says:


  16. Romantic89able says:

    i can watch this a hundred times?

  17. I love your channel.

  18. EStacksENT says:

    Subbed, please sub back! 

  19. FastTimers says:

    thank you for making this video

  20. AudreyRHartnett says:

    what does your video set up look like?

  21. Jackie Lee Franklin says:

    i press the like button, and subscribe because i love this video…

  22. borgesphil says:

    i love this video, i actually watch it every day!!

  23. skdd003 says:

    lol i enjoy this video

  24. TobuscusFan0 says:

    Just Simply Amazing

  25. butchyization says:

    I almost made a new account just to subscribe twice! xP