BoneZ(Me), Zombie, and Hypnotic just having a shuffle session at my house Hypnotic- Songs: Busho - Music First (Iain Cross Remix) Headhunterz - Forever Az One DJ Ben Eye & Log One - Pleasure Hardstyle God (Terror mix) - Dj Lady Dana Pillzz - Dj Zany Overload - Ganjaguru Dj Lee- fight very hard remix (dj execute) reverse bass hardstyle - KG DJ and DJ LAWRO Bite your style - Angerfist My Story - Dj Klonez D Block & Stefan - Ride With Uz Trip to Africa - SMT Dj S3rl Keep - On Raving Baby the songs are in order of which they apper in the video i do not own ANY of the songs they are just used for entertainment purposes in my video they belong to the dj/artist that created them.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Hardstyle Shuffle 2011”

  1. anthem22x says:

    You guys are real good, teach! lol

  2. king649100 says:


  3. rockerguy17z says:

    Gears jacket! Love this video.

  4. bananaunderpants says:

    unless you have fat pants it looks kinda dumb

  5. KismoR34 says:

    I dig that slow shuffle / jumpstyle combo from skinny jeans

  6. snapbacking21 says:

    guy in da phats is pretty beast

  7. hernandez13chivas says:

    u guys are hella good at shuffling

  8. silentnight306 says:

    0:54 i have the same shoes!!! 😀

  9. xXlAwsbeatsXx says:

    @M4levolence increase the gliding effect with hiding the feets

  10. TheFozzybear2 says:

    barefoot badass!

  11. Yantar205 says:

    @syndroneprone alternategear(dot) but its expensive as hell

  12. AlaskanTheGamer says:

    @syndroneprone look up phat pants for sale

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    Sincerely HSU//BoneZ

  14. syndroneprone says:

    were can i get some pants like that….really message me back

  15. 14elnorte says:

    The second guy has tight ass jeans the third guy has slims and te first guy has well really baggy pants

  16. MrDJLOK0 says:

    @kamehamehah1234 bitch you problly cant even shuffle so quit hating

  17. CHRONICBEAN69 says:

    Nice Hardstyle 4 lifeee 🙂

  18. M4levolence says:

    why the wierd pants? no offence,

  19. Jonoroxat says:

    ow the first guy had no shoes?!?

  20. s3xWithZ0mbiez says:

    @o0Apfel0o No you can’t.

  21. SuperEddie714 says:

    Sick :P

  22. o0Apfel0o says:

    the 2nd is a noob i can better shuffle than him

  23. kamehamehah1234 says:

    yahl wack

  24. tmorton615 says:

    not even going to lie first dude made me think of francis


  25. goraywilliamjohnson says:

    of course the only good shuffler is asian O.o