Just decided to make a tutorial of the Running Man. enjoy!
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  1. Zanthus1 says:

    Most people learn on the internet, unless you have someone who can teach you (:

  2. gorrilaunit99 says:

    good tutorial good tutorial now all i need to do is butter the bottom of ridiculously grippy shoes >_>

  3. amelol175 says:

    hi i have a question too ! do all shufflers learn shuffling at internet or are there courses for learning it?

  4. NaYarB04 says:

    nice thank you

  5. xXImFluffehXx says:

    @JAPZSASHUFFLER Ya know… I might actually block you because your typing is so irritating… I can’t even EXPLAIN how much you pissed me off because of what you said. “OMG I AM 13 AND THINK I M THE BOMB” is not cool. I agree with Zanthus, get the FUCK off of YouTube, and realize that your arrogance and stupidity will irritate a lot of people, and could potentially lose a lot of potential great friends. Please, return when you have matured, then talk to us.

  6. Mexiladiesman217 says:

    great video man! im a begginer and this helps a lot!

  7. AshleyDaBaws says:

    what shoes are you wearing in this vid, theyre nice and look easy to shuffle in =]

  8. GGremake says:


  9. Sealwithakiss26 says:

    wow. ive watched so many videos on this and they are all the same
    i just cant do it… why cant it be easier to pick up?

  10. AH, i have heard this question alot believe it or not.
    Any shoe works.
    i use vans personally.
    most people shuffle indoors in socks to get used to it
    but i say don’t because then its harder when you go outside.
    Medium gripped shoes.
    brand new shoes are a little tougher to shuffle in, so break em in a little.
    shuffling in new shoes can be done. but its easier for your knees if its broken in.
    You don;t need to hurt yourself.
    If you need more advice inbox me! (:

  11. Dragonlord10125 says:

    i have a question, well for one i’m a complete noob at this, so here is the question, what type of shoes is the best kind to hardstyle in?

  12. @JAPZSASHUFFLER I think you should really learn what shuffling is about.
    its not about impressing people or being better then someone.
    Your a poser.
    You should really just quit.
    Or restart from the beginning and learn what shuffling is about.
    You never judge someone by how they do it. because you were there at one point too.
    and your commenting on a video thats almost two years old.
    come on kid.
    go play with legos or something.
    but thank you for the compliment.

  13. Zanthus1 says:

    I’m going to be coming out with another tutorial breaking it down a bit more for people.
    Keep an eye out for it!

  14. crazyfoool says:

    I noticed all these videos are similar. WHy can’t I pick it up?/ my coordination is terrible lol.

  15. Hardstyle52096 says:

    Its stereophobia by dark oscillators its my fav.:)

  16. XxPiercedHeartsxX says:

    What is the song at the beggining>???

  17. Yeah mate. Just keep practicing. As you walk around your house or something just randomly practice your steps. Eventually it becomes very fluent and seccond nature. Trying to one step after you have learnt the 2 step is virtually impossible. Just keep at it. You will eventually get it.

  18. rick20list says:


  19. NicholasFonville says:

    No, you just keep the steps going, just repeat the steps over and over and move backwards.

  20. xFlamingEmberx says:

    jeremy xDD pwahahaha….wow


  21. WHen you do it at high speed do you still pause in the middle of each step?

  22. IsaccGenius says:

    Running man 😀

  23. McLaynel23 says:

    Lol hahah that’s fair enough 🙂

  24. acidmiro55 says:

    it wokrs but it could have been a little bit better but hell its better then one i ever made haha

  25. Zanthus1 says:

    Never been a super great speller XD