Hardstyle Shuffling Music

Songs in Order: 99 nine - DJ Pave and Zany What - Punkbusters Project Le - DJ Settler We speak no Americano (lol that was a joke one)

25 Responses to “Hardstyle Shuffling Music”

  1. PoppTart97 says:

    Nice !!!!

  2. Dumgame says:


    The hardstyle militia will be attacking Justin Biebers BABY vid

    Remember to dislike, comment + flag the vid. We need your help to destroy this talentles shitty pop music that rules the world. Copy + paste this on good videos i.e: headhunterz, wildstylez, the prophet, dbstf, brennan heart, noisecontrollers, davide sonar, technoboy, showtek, zany, max enforcer, hardstyle masterz. We need to stop this mainstream kid from taking over the world!!


  3. AnythingButHuman says:

    NEW and unparalleled merchandise for Shufflers and lovers of Hardstyle music. More being released soon:
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  4. techtonikrandom21 says:

    but most people dont 😛

  5. cyil0808 says:

    hehe smart kid I have an F13 button ;o

  6. MissAdorkablee35 says:

    Download link? Please? 😀

  7. iTzKillah says:

    Thanks bro!!! im still working on that hardstyle song!!!

  8. TheeHardstyleRavers says:


  9. Residentevilplayah says:

    found it 0.o

  10. Lisha83191 says:

    uhhh, 6,678 lol

  11. callme79 says:

    i play rssubscribe me and ill giveua hand my rs name is tatebounce no space

  12. MissAdorkablee35 says:

    and now 5,407 😀 Haha awesome mix :D

  13. iTzKillah says:


    Please listen! Im new to making music, And i really need feedback so please tell me what you think! Cheers


  14. mdbro89 says:

    nice lots of views

  15. MrRagersMojo says:

    any of you guys play rs im just wondering cause i coudl use some help:P

  16. TheeHardstyleRavers says:


  17. mdbro89 says:

    lol funny joke

  18. mdbro89 says:

    lol thats a cool as joke

  19. TheeHardstyleRavers says:

    lol f13

  20. techtonikrandom21 says:

    booom booom booom press f 13 for louder bass

    .like if you searched for f 13 😀

  21. TheeHardstyleRavers says:

    uhm now 2,758

  22. TheOmpOMP says:

    make me want to jump up and down 🙂
    LOVE THE BEAT :)))))

  23. Mattmeo11 says:

    This makes me want to shuffle, yet unfortunately I realize that the ground would win.

  24. AUSD0G says:


  25. abcdeedcba0 says:

    my girlfriend said shufflin was betta den jerkin, shes single now -___-