heres all the hat tricks i use 😀 quick tutorial 😀 mind you this in not a professional video but enjoy i was having fun i hope you pick up something at least
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25 Responses to “Hat Tricks Tutorial!!! for the Melbourne shuffle”

  1. carlitopmartin says:

    q impresionantes los trucos q haces

  2. carlitopmartin says:

    jjejejejj q divertido tutorial

  3. Javando100 says:

    nice tutuorial man. i wanted to see on your channel if you had any tutorials and i found this one and thanks for the tutorial 🙂

  4. @TheCentrix definitely, I dont have the original Files any more otherwise id probably been have edited it.

  5. TheCentrix says:

    Can barely hear what you’re saying though the music is too loud. You shouldve edited the volume of the audio when you added it into the video :O

  6. @MrKtiger cream

  7. dude thanks for uploading i learned quiet a bit. so whats the name of the song its so awesome!

  8. ChikkenLittlee says:

    Fucking Fitted -___-

  9. omarzero229 says:

    Thanks for your time!!!
    i learn so much

  10. @definitleydumber hmm i dont recall being at PHD at all nor do i remember anyone doing it hmm guess it wasnt invented by you nor me im just showing how to do it

  11. definitleydumber says:

    i invented that trick with the two hats back a phd when it was at inflation. markie doodle.

  12. granmasterg123 says:

    eestas bn negro AFROO ARFOO!!!!

  13. D7Double7B says:

    hahahaha lol 0:52

  14. THEUSIEK1 says:

    haha jak zajebał w tą czapke,biedna czapeczka ;D jak jesteś Polakiem/ką to daj łape w góre 🙂

  15. snakegolf7 says:

    @driftrt u are correct with learning hat tricks with people not speaking but he’s trying to explain the trick, how can you try and explain how to do something if they can’t here you properly and you don’t need them to explain how to do a trick but they show u close up to the camera the step by step of how to do a trick but he’s always in a long shot to get his whole body on camera. if he doesn’t like people criticizing his stuff he shouldn”t put it on youtube. thank you for no language

  16. @snakegolf7 woah

    first off

    1. dont comment if you dont like it it was meant for friends if others decied to watch it as “yourself’ and dont like it too fucking bad for you noob move the fuck on.
    2.I love music i know its hella loud but if your really just trying to learn the moves mute the video and keep watching i learned most of my shit with out listening to what they said exactly.
    3. old news… moving on

  17. @alexmanas123 your supposed to borrow someone else’s if you dont have another. trucker hats have the little adjuster so you can strap it on your pants somewhere if able<--

  18. @RobbyFly1996 cream federico franchi

  19. @thunderhorse1000 fuck yeah

  20. sure im a mistake? 😀
    and you are a fucking faggot perfectionist 😀
    the video is okay *thumbs up*
    he shows how to do the tricks so you dont even need sound 😀
    and if you dont like the hat !? than just watch a video with a nice cap if it makes you feel happy…

  21. snakegolf7 says:

    @CraYst1 take your own a advice i didn’t say it was shit, look up other hat trick videos they are better prepared and you can actually hear the person explaining the technique on the trick over the music.  there was no need foul language stop breathing my oxygen your wasting it and your a mistake you parents REGET!!!

  22. @snakegolf7 fuck off… this is a pretty good video !!!
    keep it up & nice shuffle 😛

  23. thunderhorse1000 says:

    dude props for wearing kandy outside of a rave, i do it to, i love kandy

  24. RobbyFly1996 says:

    woah it looks pretty cool (:
    songs name ?

  25. alexmanas123 says:

    i like all the tricks, except for the 2 hats… who holds a second hat when shuffling at a rave xD