Battling In Carpark Well They Ask For The Battles So we Did IT HOTB|THP VS HSE .. Apearrance Orders: THP Shaf HSE Legend HOTB Kimi HSE Kenneth HOTB Naz HSE Dominic HOTB New Recruit Chee Yong HSE Yat Haw HSE Brandon HOTB Aaronbn HSE Kenneth HOTB Ashz Extra Clips: Azrul Aaronbn Kimi HSE Fella Plz Leave a Stinky Comment-- Please Do Vote Too! Thx 4 Watching Guys-Please do comment n rate 🙂

25 Responses to “HOTB/THP VS HSE – [MAS] – Shuffle Battle On[Feb/15/2008]”

  1. CoNtRaDiCtIoN12345 says:

    they are hearing the song

  2. johnchen73 says:

    why r thy holding a phone …

  3. SOLARske says:

    THP !

  4. gR4nt1231 says:

    1st song plz?

  5. Blad0506 says:

    They’re listening to the song in the phone.. so they can keep up the rhythm

  6. edwin77063 says:

    why…is being on the fone really more important then shuffling!?!?!?

  7. FamouseGummyBear says:

    Omg there amazing!! It’s impossible to vote there all amazing! ^x^

  8. XxXaLvArOqLiMaaXxX says:

    1:03 novita’s shuffle lolololololololol

  9. XxXaLvArOqLiMaaXxX says:

    first song: go insane – hardstyle mafia

  10. Amazing how good they are and still so young!

  11. SuperNortic says:

    the last kid is best

  12. heavenbombing99 says:

    where did u find guns ‘n’ noses cut version???

  13. klofto212 says:


  14. MrEe888 says:

    yes it is

  15. D7Double7B says:

    are malaysian shuffle and mas shuffle the same thing?

  16. supervictoo says:


  17. ThatkidScuff says:

    Shuffling with your cellphone in your hand makes you cool.

  18. LordDarkness1990 says:

    What the First Song ?¿?

  19. BbyBoi86 says:

    good call, sry bout that, ill work on it =p

  20. BbyBoi86 says:

    sry guys its been a while i cant find 3 songs, either not enough of them playin to look for or i just cant find them =p ill post them up as soon as i can figure out what im listening to xD

  21. ShuffleSarul666 says:

    why are they using theyr phones while shuffling? x,D thats kinda un handy i think ^-^

    MAS 4 ever ♥

  22. ZaBiiKzCanShuffle says:

    /watch?v=QDsDOlfz-QU&feature=related rate n comment pls thank u guys 🙂

  23. TheWallensen says:

    What’s the song at 1:00 – 1:26 ? Don’t tell me that it’s “Guns ‘N’ Noses (technoboy’s supa bass mix)” cause it isn’t

  24. DancingEel00 says:


  25. BbyBoi86 says:

    i posted most of the songs up there, believe it or not im still looking for the song, where the lil kid with white shirt shuffles, great song piece, great shuffler…. ill put up the songs i missed as soon as i find them.