Couldn't stand my last video "Bang", so I went out and made this. I'm very happy with how this turned out 🙂
Video Rating: 4 / 5

I hope you enjoy) Alex Kidd vs In2ition -- Happiness Happening (Josh Lang Remix)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

47 Responses to “How I feel”

  1. VisionTwenty says:

    Progressive trance is not even connected to Malaysian in anyway.

    Probably the closest thing would be Dirty Dutch House…. -__-

  2. HAAnoteven says:

    I think he meant Malaysian Shuffling also known as Cali Style Shuffling, the music isn’t similar at all. Malaysian Shuffling Music is more like Hard Electro. (:

  3. SKYEsound says:

    still my fav one from you <3

  4. Wasameng says:

    Only shuffle videos I get emotional too. I see you shuffle by yourself, and your one friend and it’s like that’s all you need. I remember I always wanted a shuffle community, but you don’t need others. All you need is you.

  5. Darkfatez117 says:

    is your shoes low cut?

  6. HellaShady says:

    Really interested on what program you use to get those color corrections lol >_>

  7. Jericzz316 says:

    you.. you must be deaf.

  8. Kikohtron says:

    Malaysians don’t shuffle to this music. This track is Trance? no song is specific to a dance.. a person could dance Techtonic to this if they wanted to. you must be from California and retarded if you think this song is a Malaysian song. LOL

  9. drycleanheir420 says:

    you are a dancing god

  10. ccshufflers says:

    yeaa mate :).

  11. MelbshuffleTony says:

    stupid … say me .. what is malaysian music

  12. FunkyMonkeyMachine says:

    The song is Twilight Tonight – Arty Remode I think.

  13. AsianMan645 says:

    lol i know theres no such thing as malaysian shuffle music i just didnt feel like putting house music or electro cuz im used to just saying malaysian shuffle music

  14. SalgadoJonathan says:

    LOL! There’s no such thing as “Malaysian Shuffle Music”, regardless of the fact that it might seem the beat is the main part of the song. Mostly kids in Cali are the ones that say “Malaysian Shuffle Music” when referring to Electro or House music because that’s what they “Cali Malaysian Shuffle” to. -____-

  15. Darkfatez117 says:

    i thought Malaysian was a dance not a genre of music lol

  16. sneakysnickersnoopy says:

    Lol you got real close to the edge there… would of been really funny if you fell in that river while spinning at 1:00

  17. 97brunooo says:

    ohh ur style is so amazing. I started to shuffle to but i am not good at it. i must practice a lot =).
    nice camera btw.

  18. MT1snickers says:

    very nice shuffle! like+ fav!

  19. KWRofficial says:

    I love trance music , can i get the song (: anyone k now it thanks!

  20. MrSooqaa says:

    passed in the same half year, but I still can not take my eyes off of this video)

  21. AsianMan645 says:

    lol malaysian shuffle music is when the beat is the main part
    this music has the beat as the backround

  22. Marrtinike19 says:

    was about to ask the same thing tbh

  23. rEspanator says:

    please define “malaysia shuffle music” only music you can and SHOULD shuffle to is trance, hardtrance, hardstyle and the odd electro, this music he is shuffling to is trance which is very appropriate to his style as its clean and chillax so l2 hate..

  24. EmberOfFury says:

    What in the world? Explain yourself, in what relation does this music have with Malaysia?

  25. IChoseANamee says:

    still my favorite featureeeeeeee ^__^

    – Rainbow<3

  26. DaisCanShuffle says:

    ROFL, I agree with neville .-.

  27. radssol says:

    Oh my god!, Very nice this video!!! o/
    HD//HK – Radissol

  28. HRMChr0m3w0lf says:

    Oh my god. Traktor… Your style! I came…


  29. ShufflerBurst says:

    If she can’t do 150+ then she should simply use a different song with a lower BPM. Or she could reduce the height of her RM to gain speed.

  30. Neville1337 says:

    seems legit

  31. maarcuzxd says:

    traktor , you have an awesome footwork , i will now download your vid so i can watch everyday even when i have no net , lol XD
    really , your awesome

  32. GruszeQ says:

    no shit XD

  33. ijslocky says:

    Girls tend not to, haha

  34. GruszeQ says:

    omg she has huge rm, she probably doesn’t have balls

  35. lance85898589 says:

    Amazing shuffle by both of you chloee <3
    Traktor <3 <3 <3

    Liked + sub
    Sub back traktor


  36. Ramonsayron says:

    Very good guys! Traktor my bro!

  37. LEDesign2011 says:

    Трактор Вы можете разместить два видео на YouTube здесь или в другом месте для наших Comp próxiam только те их Chloee я peopl в частности. Спасибо.

  38. good bro! (:

  39. IJSChloe says:

    @SKYsTHeLiMiTuKNo Oh thanks, you know it’s all in the technique yanno?

  40. TheSatanas2211 says:

    Trakto ne perestajot menja udevljatj.Chloee toze kruto.kr4 govorja mne ponravilosj.

  41. SKYsTHeLiMiTuKNo says:

    chloee looks fuckin’ retarded shuffling to this song xD

  42. WiiCoreGamer says:

    Everybody (here) has Foreverhardest subbed 😉

  43. zarebinho321 says:

    Woooow Traktor! <3

  44. JohnMonstro says:

    Dança muito cara voçê ta bem Dança muito Curti seu style

  45. ElArtix says:

    Chloee and traktor ; okay , the beast Feat ever

  46. vegahz0r says:

    both are sick.

    HOTB Vegah

  47. shuffleDiazZ says:

    one suckk hater!