hey,yo. Another tutorial of a step that you can add to your shuffling.... Forgot to do the view from the back....sorrryyy:(
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14 Responses to “HOW TO: Shuffle cooler.”

  1. AppreciativeMole says:

    He’s from Sewth Efrica

  2. gosen244 says:

    nice! its not that surprising though.hahamany people shuffle:)

  3. TheMuffman07 says:

    you may have come up with this on your own but JinJin has done this move for years, so its not brand new. its in his 3 year shuffle video

  4. iiiwen1015 says:

    0:40 goodbye glasses!again

  5. Dont you smart talk like that to me boy! 😛

  6. gosen244 says:

    sushi place.

  7. Where do u live?

  8. MrGabe77 says:

    comparing your self to einstein would just make you look like a dumbass online and the point is when comparing your self to some one else you look at the aspects of how well he moves how smooth you make it look another thing i have probably been shuffling longer than him

  9. Guitarplayer219 says:

    It’s official? How is it official? I can say I’m officially smarter than Albert Einstein, doesn’t mean it’s true. 

  10. BennoMedia says:

    nice zyzz dancing though.

  11. BennoMedia says:

    this is a very common move…. don’t think you made it.

  12. StevenXvanXhorst says:

    Looks cool dude!

  13. Diestro92 says:

    reminds me to speedodevo..that move is simple
    good video bro

  14. waot2289o says:

    first one to post the comment! cool voice…. bro